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Hey guys, i'm just new to the forums and i've got a question. I'm going to buy a new pc and can't choose between two video cards, their specs are totally the same(except for the fact that the Sapphire one doesn't have DHCP), the only difference is the cooling and that's what i would like to ask: Which of those 2 cards has the best cooling system, or can't you tell just by the pictures?

http://www.alternate.nl/html/product/prodPicPopup.html?cmd=none&artno=JBXUX2&view=1(Club3D Radeon HD2600 XT Retail)

http://www.alternate.nl/html/product/prodPicPopup.html?cmd=none&artno=JBXSBQ&view=2 (Sapphire Radeon HD2600 XT Light-Retail)

The Sapphire one has GDDR4 and the Club3D one has GDDR3, both the same speed. Does this make any difference?

And what's the difference between 'Light-Retail' and 'Retail'?

Any help is welcome!

Specifications of both cards:

800 MHz
Stream Processors: 120
Shader Model: 4.0
AF: 16x
DirectX: 10
OpenGL: 2

512 MB, GDDR3, 1400 MHz, 128 bit(Sapphire one has GDDR4)

2560x1600, 32Bit, 60 Hz (Dual Link)

2 x DVI-I (DHCP and Dual-Link)(Sapphire one doesn't have DHCP)
1 x S-Video

HDTV, Crossfire Ready
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  1. I added info here to previous post.

    Can't seem to delete or edit my posts only in 'Quick edit' and i can only post with 'Quick reply'... Weird?
  2. The Sapphire card has the better cooling. I don't even know what Club3D is. I ALWAYS stick with Sapphice for my ATI products, they are just quality.

    DDR4 will typically clock higher than DDR3. I believe the latency on the DDR3 is usually lower though. I could be knows. I don't think on these lower end cards you will see a difference between the 2 types of memory.

    What will you be using the card for?
  3. Ah thanks for the clarification on the cooling! So Sapphire is good, I understand? That's great :)

    I'll be using the card for some standard desktop computer usage(Internet, Email, Chat and Word processing) and some games (COD4 or something similar). A (customer) review on the site where i am going to buy my PC told me that the card was able to play Crysis at High Quality(not high resolution though) so i guess this'll do for me since I'm not a 'die hard-gamer'.

    If you want to see the rest of my PC's configuration up to now go here:
  4. You should be able to play COD4 with that card, but not on high quality. It is a very well scaled game so even on the lower settings it still looks pretty good.
  5. maybe this is off topic.but if i were spending that kind of money i would get a 9600GT instead for the same price but much more performance.
  6. isnt it the 8600GT that's at the same price level?
  7. Underclock said:
    isnt it the 8600GT that's at the same price level?

    I'm sure you're right, it's the 8600GT that's in the same price class. Not the 9600GT for sure!
  8. sorry what i mean is you get better price/performance ratio.but if cost is your priority i guess 2600XT are slightly better choice than 8600gt in power consumption.But 8600gt run game faster though:)
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127305
    thats the one to get, i just got one and it works great, pretty fast for what it is and stays really cool. a good amount faster than 8600gt's and is right there with the gts's
  10. find a 512mb version if you can.
  11. One more card has come to my attention: Again a Radeon HD2600 XT but this time with 256 MB GDDR4 2.200 MHz memory. My friend told me this one is better for me since i don't want to play high resolution but just high quality. He told me that for high resolution i needed more memory but if i wanted to play 1280x1024 256MB would do.

    Here's the link to the specifications: http://www.club3d.nl/index.php/products/graphics/item/281

    Here's the link to the pictures: http://www.alternate.nl/html/product/prodPicPopup.html?artno=JAXU1Q

    What is your opinion on this?
  12. If you can save a bit more money you can get a 8800GS which is DIRT CHEAP.
    $109 after rebate. 8800GS super fast for the price, kills the 2600XT, 8600GTS, performs around a 3850.
  13. get a nvidia card if you can afford.avoid the AMD card if possible.as benchmark speak for themselves
  14. All cards you guys mention are sold in the US, i live in the Netherlands so i have to have them shipped to me. This is way to expensive for just a card... I wish prices were the same here, but unfortunately they're more expensive here :S
  15. just buy it off your local website.its also much more expensive in here uk as well.people whoi live in UK gets rip off for no reason.well i guess the high tax in uk is the main reason.
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