CPU fan is going crazy!

Looking for help slowing down my CPU fan...

I upgraded my graphics card the other day, which blew my 550W PSU. I replaced this with a 650W version and now my CPU fan runs much fast / louder than before. (not sure if this is down to the new g-card (which has its own fan and is running cold) or the new PSU.

I've tried connecting the fan to the M/B with the BIOS fan control options enabled and set to quiet. I've bought a new fan controller which reports a 21°C cpu temp and reckons the fan is running at "Lo" speed (god knows what high speed sounds like!) I have no overclocking enabled and this is all with the PC idle / very low loads.

Any ideas please? Do I need a different fan controller where I can manually dial down the speed? I do have one like this kicking around but it only fits the case fans, not the 4pin cpu fan.

System is

Core Duo 2.13
EXCool 650W PSU
Akasa Blue cpu fan
2x case fans (in and out but these are running quietly)
XFX Nvidia GF 8800GS g-card
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  1. u can try using the program SpeedFan to change the CPU fan speed.
    in the Nvidia control panel you can alter the GPU fan speed
  2. My guess is the new PS is the fan noise you are hearing. Some are very loud and others you can hardly hear. My wife's is very loud, I have a PC power & cooling in my case and can not hear it run.
  3. Any product reviews I can find are quit negative, the EZCool PSU are not capable of sustaining their rated load, they are very noisy, in short, they are considered to be junk power supplies. Save a little money up, and buy a decent power supply.
  4. CPU fans gone wild sounds -hot-.

    ..Horrible pun(s) completely intentional.
  5. Quick update - I've snapped the fittings on the socket for the old fan controller and fixed the cpu 4pin into the 3 pin socket. I can now manually dial down the cpu fan which is returning sanity.

    You are are though - the PSU fan is making a load of noise - interestingly, my old psu was also EZCool but the 550W model which was way quieter (which I guess makes sense)

    Looks like I need to invest more in a better PSU. This was a rush purchase - old PSU blew so I ran out to the nearest computer shop and bought whatever they had. I'll do some research and get something quieter!

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