What is the difference between these 2 vid cards?




Asside from the obvious specs is it worth the extra money to go to the X2? Does anyone have any of these 2 ?

I currently have the radeon X1900XT 512mb ddr3, would i see a dramatic difference?
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  1. well the 3870X2 is basicly a 3870 with 2 cores instead of 1. And yes there is quite a difference between the two.
  2. yeah pretty big difference, I would say if you have the money and play at larger [~ > 1600*1200] resolutions than the 3870x2 would be worth it.

    I would check your PSU first see if u have enough amps on the combined 12v rails, and if your case has enough room, I think this card is like 10.5in. long
  3. You will see a big difference buying just a single 3870. not to mention if you get 2 or a X2. Personaly I prefer 2 3870 over a X2 because you can install an after market (zalman) cooler. But a X2 performs alittle bit better then 2 3870. But now that the price on the 3870 will drop slightly (announced just today) 2 3870 will be quite a bit cheaper, so a better price / performance deal.
  4. Um... the core speed for one.
  5. hairycat101 said:
    Um... the core speed for one.

    Thank you for the replies.

    Yes but the single one has a mere 50 mhz slower clock speed, but look at the memory clock speed it is much faster and it has DDR4 where as the X2 uses DDR3.

    So if this holds true what the above poster said about 2 3870's is not as good as one of those 3870 X2's, this leads me to beleive that crossfire is rather lame when you do the math.

    In any case if anyone out there has gone from a radeon X1900XT 512mb DDR3 to a HD3870 512mb card , has it been a good improvement or rather slim?

    Thanks in advance fellas.
  6. Well i went from a X1900 AIW, which is a bit lesser to the x1900 XTX, (2) HD3870's in crossfire , the difference was amazing, and at the price, why not?
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