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Hi guys, I need a new hard drive to hold my OS(xp and vista), and some download files. I'm wondering which of the following should I get?

SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series:

Western Digital Caviar SE16:

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10:

I'm currently leaning towards Samsung due to the price. Comments please, thanks in advance.
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  1. maybe this would be best in the "Storage" forum...


    Samsung i wouldnt spit on

    WD have been reliable for me with no issues, especially those AAKS models

    Seagates 7200.11 range is currently a bit faster than the 10's

    cant go wrong with WD or seagate though
  2. The 7200.11 has higher average seek time and write time, doesn't that mean the drive is slower?
  3. Check out the F1 series from WD, fast and somewhat affordable if you consider all the space you get. Haven't heard too many good things about WD, but I've never had problems personally.
  4. F1 series?
    A link maybe, I can't find any on newegg.

    It seems like most people would recommend seagate and WD over samsung.
  5. My appologies.

    I meant Samsung F1 Spinpoint drives are supposed to be pretty fast and have a good amount of space for an affordable price.

    I you want a WD then go for the Raptors if you don't mind spending that much. They don't have a ton of space but enough for most people, however they have the fastest average speeds.

    If you want Seagate just get the .11 drives rather than .10. They seem to be as average as average can be, but with a little more speed.
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