Overclocking P5Q with 8gb ram?

Im currently running a e8500 at a stable 4.8ghz with 4 gb mem, im thinking about getting another 4 gb (yes im running vista 64 bit) I just wonder if i can maintain this overclock with 8gb ram. My board is Asus P5Q Pro. Anyone running an overclocked Asus with 8gb?
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  1. Thats supposed to be 3.8 ghz! maybe nobody replied coz they thought i was lying? lol
  2. well there's no reason to get 8GB RAM unless you are doing like heavy video encoding or something... just in games, they will not use 8GB of ram.
    also, the overclock will likely be less stable because the motherboard then has to supply double the voltage for the ram that it did before! still, i reckon it would be stable at 3.8ghz..

    can you tell me/us (lol) wat ram speed,voltage,timings etc you have and are possibly getting?
  3. Double the voltage should not be the problem, doesnt the voltage get supplied to each ram module seperately?
  4. yes, but that just takes more voltage... i don't know how to explain it but it's proven that its just not as stable with more DIMM's in..
  5. The reason for that is I believe that no chip is the same, it could be that for example one of the modules has a max OC at 1100, but one of the other modules cant go above 1080. I believe that is the reason of stability issues. 4 modules just increases the chance of having a chip that isnt as good ocable as the other ones.
  6. I have Corsair ddr 800. dont know if its a ram limitation. I can hit 4.3 completely stable. Any more, than that it shows errors in Prime or bsod's. I figure 3.8 should be no problem but i was wanting to see someones personal experience
  7. timings 4-4-4-12 but running at 5-5-5 15. voltage 2.1
  8. What modules are you using and what frequency is the RAM?
  9. i think it's just the fact that the northbridge has to supply double the voltage.. this is obviously more difficult for it to maintain without voltage fluctuations. voltage fluctuations=instability... two sticks ftw.
  10. im clocking p5Q deluxe , 8 gig corsair dominator ram and running vista ultimate 64 bit, vista is using all 8 gigs for something called superfetch, its making ur entire ram act like cache, so the moment u boot up it does its best to put everything u might need into memory

    here's my thread, maybe ull find some info u need:

  11. I have a E8400, which is the CPU one step down from yours, cranked up to 4ghz stable. I could pull 4.5 but then it crashes so I just decided to stick with 4.

    I got the same mobo as you, so I think you can. I have 6 GB of some Patroit PC-8500 RAM (2 2GB sticks and 2 1GB sticks).
  12. If/when you use extra memory capacity for cache, then OBVIOUSLY usage goes up. And Obviously the information has to come from the HDD, so yeah - It spins more than it used to. So actually, the "Fail" here is the ignorance on the part of people who apparently believe that system resources should remain UNUSED for some unfathomable reason.

    A little real information:

    Clearly there's stuff to bitch about - UAC is annoying by intent, Microsoft moved things around which makes a lot of people uncomfortable, and it does make your computer work harder compared to XP (nevermind that every OS ever made 'suffers' by those measures when compared to it's predecessor). But Superfetch/Readyboost actually do work. The OS actually *does* work.

    If you don't 'like' it and/or dont' want to use it, then don't. It's a free world, and everyone is perfectly free to keep using whatever they like. But there's no need to make thing up to justify your position either.
  13. well, im using vista 64, my kids are using it, one on a notebook, several friends, no problems runs fine. It wont run on a 486 with 512meg ram
  14. I never go to a new os til the first service pack. I held off til recently because of all the rants. Then my kids told me they had no problems so i tried it with sp1, and i have no complaints.
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