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I just got my new comp up and running. I installed my OS and did all the security updates. I also downloaded an AVG anti virus and installed my driver for my 8800gt. This is my first build so i want to make sure I install everything. Is there anything else I need to go get? Should I download new bios even tho my current bios seem to be working? Do I need drivers from any other piece of hardware?Any suggestions or some info on what you guys do when you build a new comp would be helpful.

Also, I thought Vista 34bit can run 3.5gigs of ram? Mine only shows as 2.75gigs. That normal? I hear SP1 is out for Vista? Is that something I should be looking into? I looked on Microsofts dite but didn't see it. Thanks for any help on all this stuff.
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  1. no need to panic :P. if your mobo bios is functioning fine, then leave it... you've got your card drivers up, now get to the software side of things, installing microsoft office, adobe reader, a flash extension, firefox if you use it, some codecs, etc...
  2. There is plenty of information about 32bit operating systems on this forum, it shouldn't take you long to find the answer about your RAM.

    I'll second Firefox. I'd probably download the latest motherboard drivers. I would also download VLC media player too, it plays basically everything.

    I would NOT download a new BIOS if the current one is working fine.
  3. I tried to install VLC media but it came up as a file that don't want to install? Maybe I needed to install something else before that? I was asking me where the file came from. Here is the link I used.

  4. That is a link to the OS X version.

    Download here.
  5. works. thx man
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