7200.11 RAID0 care.

So I saw the performance figures on the 3.5" charts, and the price of Seagate 320GB 7200.11 drives, and thought "I'll get two!", with the plan to put them in RAID0, and have a very fast main drive.
I have noticed on this forum various people mentioning the "DOA" and faliure rates of these drives are high, so I am a bit worried by this.
What I would like to know is once I have set up my RAID with these drives, what steps can I take to reduce the chance of errors? Obviously don't expose them to high g-forces, but other than that any advice? I used to hear people advise that a hard-reset can cause hard-drive damage, is this still the case? My computer does tend to freeze up in a few of my games, so whats the solution if hard-resets are bad?
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  1. Get the latest firmware for the drives, if they don't already have it, newegg has the links up.

    Other than that, you should be fine, I have a 1.5TB B11 that started having problems, updated the firmware and haven't had a problem since. Hard resets shouldn't be a problem unless you're using a non battery backup RAID card.
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