Problem installing xp in HP laptop

i have a HP laptop windows 7 installed. I have BSNL WLL internet modem that suppports only windows XP and VISTA. I am trying to install XP as Dual Operating system. But just after copying primary files it Shows a Blue Screen Error Saying "A hardware change detected" n stops installing. I did not make any software or hardware change in my lappy so far. CAn u help me to get rid of this problem
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  1. XP will not install on the drive with windows 7 already presently installed. The drive requires formatting in order to install any 'new' OS. Of course formatting the drive will wipe the Windows 7 installation from the drive and render win 7 useless. If you have a knowledgable friend or a shop nearby who could help it would be a good idea to consult them. Also, be sure to check the notebook's product page for XP drivers you may need. HP may not probvide driver support for your notebook. Googling dual booting Windows 7 and XP and doing some further reasearch would also be my suggestion.
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