if you were a winner, too...

So, I am about to win the $230million lotto jackpot, and need to start planning my dream machine(s). Seeing as how I will have an instantaneously and superfluously well endowed budget, cost will not be a matter of concern, so I am forcing myself to have some boundaries. First, I will want each of my new systems to be self built (don't worry, I know how and will not need alienware to do it for me). Second, nothing beyond the scope of reason, ie no room size systems at sub-zero temps, must be desktop compatible, even though its going to be a really nice desk with lots of room for note pads, pens, blank disks and empty beer bottles. Third, reasonable noise levels, cooling will be of the utmost importance for overclocking, but believe it or not, i want to still be able to hear the clicking of the keyboard over the cooling system. Fourth, and this is the fun one, it has to be able to do it all... Movies (HD of course), flawless sound and music, web browsing, the most taxing games, and even TV. I absolutely cannot be bothered with having to get up from my chair to do different tasks, be it nuking aliens, watching the Superrbowl, or enjoying my porn on my now lifetime membership.

Have fun with it guys, see how creative you can be. And just remember, I deserve this.
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  1. If I had 230 million, I would buy and take over a company who could design a working cryogenic unit and freeze me for a thousand years.
    When I wake up, computers will be a fast, games more involving and Windows(tm) would finally just WORK! ..
    Don't know about the p0rn though :)
  2. if that is the case, well its as simple as going to an online retailer and clicking "sort by price" on every component.

    if you realy have that much money to blow, well i would just get a Falcon-NW with a custom paint job.
  3. Like I said, not going to pay any of those building companies to make one for me. I am comfortable with putting a system together and making it work. As far as "custom paint job" goes, would paying a family that is strapped for cash a huge chunk of money to be allowed to put an airbrush attached to a helmet on the head of their retarded 16 year old be considered "custom"? Hey, never said i was going to be a classy millionaire.
  4. I would buy the components for a system similar to this....

    EPHEX SKULLTRAIL (pc-ephex-skulltrail) $8,955.00
    Exterior Automotive Color: Red Flames $999.99
    Side Window: Translucent Window Side Panel w/ LED Lighting Bundle $99.99
    Power Supply: 1200W Silverstone DA1200 Power Supply
    Motherboard: Intel D5400XS SKULLTRAIL Motherboard
    Processor: Dual Intel QX9775 Core 2 Extreme QUAD CORE Processors REDLINE @ 4GHz - This is NOT a typo!
    CPU Cooling: Maingear Arctic DUAL 120mm CPU Water Cooling System
    Memory: 8GB 800MHz FB-DIMM Memory (4x2GB) $316.00
    Do you want us to Redline%u2122 your CPU?: YES
    Solid State Drive: 128GB MTRON PRO SSD (2x64GB in RAID0) $5,040.00
    Hard Drive One: Western Digital Caviar SE16 1TB 7200RPM 16MB Cache - SATA II $62.00
    Hard Drive Two: Western Digital Caviar SE16 1TB 7200RPM 16MB Cache - SATA II $62.00
    Hard Drive Three: Western Digital Caviar SE16 1TB 7200RPM 16MB Cache - SATA II $317.00
    Flash Card Reader: All-in-One Internal USB 2.0 Flash Card Reader & Writer
    Optical Drive One: Blu-ray DVD Burner - Black $702.00
    Optical Drive Two: Blu-Ray HD-DVD Reader, DVD Burner Combo Drive $344.00
    Video Card: 2x NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra 1536MB PCIe in SLI $476.00
    Video Cooling: Maingear Arctic Liquid GPU Cooler $299.00
    Do you want us to Redline%u2122 your GPU?: YES
    PhysX Accelerator: PhysX Accelerator w/ Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - 128MB $299.99
    Sound Card: Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi%u2122 Elite Pro $399.99
    Network Card: Dual Gigabit LAN
    Wireless Network Adapter: D-Link 802.11n Extreme N Wireless Adapter PCI-E $139.00
    Speakers: Logitech® Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speakers $399.95
    Headphones: Plantronics DSP-500 USB Digital Headset w/MIC $99.99
    Web Cam: Logitech® QuickCam® Ultra Vision (BEST) $129.99
    Display One: SAMSUNG 305T Black 30" 6ms DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor $1,599.99
    Display Two: SAMSUNG 305T Black 30" 6ms DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor $1,599.99
    Security Software: Windows Live OneCare $49.99
    Game: FREE! Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
    Game: Yes, Give me 6 FREE Games!
    Productivity Software: Microsoft Office 2007 Professional w/ Access $349.99
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (64-Bit)
    Keyboard: Logitech® G15 Gaming Keyboard $99.99
    Mouse: Logitech® G7 Laser Cordless Mouse $99.99
    The Final Finesse: Flawless Hand-crafted Wiring and Cable Management
    Warranty: 3 Year Maingear Warranty
    Product Subtotal: $22,941.83

    As the warranty and some parts overclocking suggest this was a system build by maingear, but the good parts are all there, the components and configuration would just cost less when you are building it for yourself.
  5. Nobody hit it, 245 mil Sat. Might spend $2 this time.
  6. The state lotto website says they expect it to hit $275M. So I will be forced to build at least a dozen systems similar to the one up above. How's that sound for a lan party?

    One thing I question though is the speaker selection. I know 7.1 really hasn't caught on yet, but I am an audiophile, and would much rather have overkill than good enough.
  7. trevorblain said:
    So, I am about to win the $230 million lotto jackpot........

    And how exactly do you plan to win said lottery? Just curious :D.
  8. Avenger_K said:
    And how exactly do you plan to win said lottery? Just curious :D .

    Um, ancient Chinese secret? Nevermind the fact that I'm not even a fraction of Chinese heritage. Call it wishful thinking, call it a fun excuse to build an outlandish system, call it the drunken rambling of a guy stuck home alone. More than anything I wanted to see what people would come up with under their own steam without the aid of a builder. :)
  9. No offence this topic is really stupid. But hey I'm bored also

    Skulltrail with 2 quads OCED to 5.0 on N02.
    16GB DDR3 RAM at 2GHz
    Graphics would be 3 8800GTXs or 2 3870x2s or 2 9800GX2
    4 of those PCI E cards that hold 640GB Flash memory and have terrifying transfer rates.
    12 1TB drives
    4 Blu Ray Drives
    Dual 3000 Watt external power supplies. (Were shown off at CES or some other show.)
    A custom case with at least 20 140mm silent fans.
    Dual 30" LCDs
    1 or two of those 8 megapixel projectors.
    Maybe a microsft surface sized touchscreen monitor.
    A completely custom sound system. (Lets say I could spend a litter bit here [if little means $100,000])
    And of course one of those OLED keyboards.
  10. doghills, I love how your build has 4 blu ray drives and dual 3000watt power supplies :lol:

    And if you win the lotto dude, might as well incorporate the PC into your new Porsche SUV or Ferrari
  11. --Skulltrail with 2 quads OCED to 5.0 on N02.--

    do they even have comps cooled with NO2...if not..its a great idea...
  12. he is going to win by counting cards
  13. Ok yes, i totally agree this topic is well into the realm of retarded, but come on, look how much fun it is... supercomputer endowed porche? $100,000 sound systems? for crying out loud people, all I'm trying to do (aside from getting bombed) is remind people to have fun with computers... I see so many threads with people taking themselves so serious over ati vs NV or amd vs intel that i think people tend to forget what this is all really about. It's a computer, and you dont "need" them no matter where you are in life. They are fun, entertaining, can make you money, or make you forget the BS in your life. But when you get down to it, it's a toy. It might be smarter than you, it might get more tail than you, hell, it might even be better looking than you, but it's still just a toy.

    bottom line? Don't let the marketting and numbers get the best of you! Remember what you want, ultimately, and figure out what gives you what you want.
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