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Question about Q6600 and overclocking and really I need your answers..

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October 27, 2008 9:13:20 AM

I want to buy processor intel Q6600 and motherboard asus p5q-e and Ram (2×2GB) and I want to overclock processor to 3.0GHz but excuse me I have some questions about that..

Does overclocked Q6600 to 3.0GHz have same performance as E8400 in games??

Can I overclock Q6600 to 3.0GHz without any change in voltage
and what about its Temperature after overcloking to 3.0GHz??

and can anyone who overclocked this processor to 3.0ghz tell me the results of this overclocking on Q6600 performance especially in games and temperature after many hours of full loading on it??

THANKS for answers.
October 27, 2008 9:39:23 AM

A q6600 @ 3.0 gives at least as much gaming performance as a e8400 @ 3.0ghz. A small number of games can make use of the extra cores on the q6600 and therefore in those game the quad will have a big lead.

The temps of the q6600 vary depending on your cooler, case and room temps. But generally even a fairly modest cooler (eg artic freezer 7) can get to 3.0 ghz and still keep the temps fairly cool.

As for voltage...well thats going to vary from chip to chip....but i would say that the large majority will reach 3.0ghz with at stock voltages.
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a b K Overclocking
October 27, 2008 9:43:28 AM

1) In single threaded apps, a Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz will perform within a few % of the speed of a stock E8400. In multi threaded apps, it has the potential to provide nearly twice the performance.

2a) Normally you can hit 3Ghz on stock voltage but every chip is different.

2b) Depends on your cooler. Defiantly get something better than stock.

3a) Depends on the software or game, resolution and what GPU you have. If the game is CPU bound, you will see increased frame rates. If it is GPU bound, you will get no performance boost.

3b) See 2b

Read the C2 overclocking guide ^ and you will have all the answers you need on how to overclock it once you have it.
October 27, 2008 10:42:00 AM

If you are a gamer go with the e8400. It will be faster than the Q6600 for you. Overclock it too.

a b K Overclocking
October 27, 2008 10:50:09 AM

Wow this post reminds me of my aunt... All she does is e-mail me with bold letters with many different fonts and colors... Bold... all bold... does he think we're stupid?
October 27, 2008 11:19:45 AM

I am sorry for bold I did not know that it annoy you like that but plz concentrate on my questions..

and thanks outlw6669 but I want to know what do you mean that every chip is different ??

and for example I want to know its peformance in games like crysis warhead and Far cry 2 and Fifa 2009 at high settings after overclocking to 3GHz in compare with e8400.

and really evongugg I am gamer but every one on many webs say that q6600 with overclocking to 3GHz is better for future than E8400 so I decided to buy it for future because I wonot be able to buy new processor for long time after that.

thanks for every one wrote answer.

October 27, 2008 11:44:48 AM

I wouldnt just overclock to 3.0 (or more realistically 2.9) with the q6600. It would run perfectly fine at bus speeds of 333 (2.9ghz), but will also run just as well at 400(3.6ghz). Specially since your motherboard is rated to run 1600fsb speeds. And halving the memory ratio is usually a very standard option on motherboards even with very basic overclocking options.

Temps wont be a problem, even with average aftermarket coolers.
Here are some very good performing coolers for very good prices.
(I've had the best luck with coolermaster products)

At 3.0ghz, you'd see a nearly even comparison in dual threaded games. Games like Crysis, farcry 2, World in conflict, FlightSim, and some others are multithreaded and will really thrive with 2 more cores.

At 3.6ghz, you'll see the q6600 pull ahead easily even in dual threaded apps, and do extremely well in multithreaded apps.

Hope this helps!
a b K Overclocking
October 27, 2008 12:06:04 PM

Take a look at the following two reviews.
CPU Scaling With a 4870x2
CPU Scaling With a GTX280
They will give you a good overview of how much performance difference there is between a 3Ghz Quad and Dual core CPU. Your performance WILL vary depending on what GPU and other system components you have. Also keep in mind, if you decided to get an E8400, it should have no issues running at 3.6Ghz.

All CPU's of the same line/stepping are designed to be the same. During production, however, some are made better than others. When the CPU's are binned, the best are made to run at faster speeds and generally use less power. Those with defects are sold at lower speeds, sometimes with parts (normally cache) disabled. A binned part is guaranteed to run at it's rated speed, no higher.

Normally, the highest binned parts sell for a high premium over the lower binned ones. In the case of Intel, you would be looking at their Extreme Edition CPU's (the ones with the X in the naming scheme) normally with unlocked multipliers. As Intel has a very mature production process, they produce more high quality pieces of silicon than there is a market for. In order to keep the prices of their top end models artificially inflated, many of these top quality parts are binned with the mid/low range ones. As such, many middle of the road CPU's are capable of running just as fast or faster than the top models but there is always a chance that you will get one that was binned at the given speed for a reason. You are never guaranteed an overclock from any component, even if it is highly probable you can achieve it.
October 29, 2008 12:25:27 AM

If you are looking to future proof like you stated, go for the Quad – games will catch up eventually. With the games you are listing like Crysis Warhead and Farcry2, either of those CPUs will drive it. I would be more interested in the graphics card you plan to use. Let me know what you decide.
October 29, 2008 4:53:36 AM

yeah i wouldn't have been able to read it unless it was bold...
October 29, 2008 8:34:31 AM

+1 for q6600. I've pushed it to 3.6Ghz, but it requires some voltage change. 3Ghz should be a breeze at stock voltage or at least adding .10v-.20v to it - but it really depends on each chip.
You can also try 400x8 to get 3.2Ghz as well.
October 30, 2008 7:42:38 PM

you can always upgrade later, though. The E8400 and the Q6600 use the same socket, so in a year or more he could swap out for a better CPU.
March 21, 2009 6:27:20 AM

q6600 can easy pull 3.0 on stock voltage but still go for E8400 you will benefit from it a lot more bcz as i suspect you are a gamer 45 nm chip that can hit 4.0+ ghz is perfect choice,q6600 is good overclocker too but 65 nm chip that produces realy amazing amount of hit
a b K Overclocking
March 23, 2009 10:11:15 AM

You do understand this thread is some 5 months old, right?
I think you are a little late to the party.
June 9, 2009 5:23:14 AM

i know its mid 2009 but i have just upgraded from a e6320(clocked to 2.4) to a q6600 (clocked at 3.0) and the performance difference is massive, i relise i might have been 'bottleneckin my gcard' old chip but many forums say that is not the case im currently running a 8800gts512 and with the quad the main boost i have seen is with the transistion from xp i have always stuck with it since a month or two play with vista after seeing the MASSIVE performance decrease with vista, im now running the rc2 windows 7 beta and have noticed that even tho benchmark scores have lowered significantly real time game performance is the same leading me to belive that the new os does infact offload tasks too the remaining cores leaving the remaining two cores completly free for gaming which is a big advantage
August 22, 2009 8:36:46 AM

*** ing brilliant little chip. Need faster ram than 800 if you want more than 3ghz