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I'm looking to upgrade my hard drive, because my external 250GB WD hard drive is running out of room for movies and music and such. Instead of buying another external, I figure it'll probably be a lot easier to just get an extra internal hard drive to put into my PC to use for storage.

Right now, my PC has one WD 250GB hard drive in it, and I'm looking to add another WD Black 640GB to give myself a good amount of space. My first question is whether this a good hard drive or not; does a different size drive give me better bang for my buck? I'm a little wary about buying 1TB or larger drives - I've heard they fail more often than smaller drives, and I really don't see myself needing more than 500 or 640.

Also, if I do buy the new hard drive, what should I do as far as moving around files / reinstalling windows? The 250GB drive I have in my PC now is about half full with games, music, pictures, applications, and such. The external has all my movies, tv shows, and backups of my photos, music, and docs.
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  1. From what I've seen around here, the 640GB WD is a good hard disk. You can also check out the customer reviews at NewEgg and see what actual buyers have to say. Given how quickly you take up space though, I suggest you get a 1TB WD.

    If you're asking how you should move around your files when you have your new hard disk, I suggest you keep Windows, Apps, and Games on your 250GB. Your My Documents and other files should be on your new hard disk. That's what I suggest. Keep us updated!
  2. Interesting to note that Seagate's Barracuda 12 500GB can be had for $60, I've got two of them, they're flipping fast!
  3. Large capacity seagate drives have been having some serious issues. Do searches, and you will find their are a TON of people angry at seagate. I have a 1TB barracuda 12, but I'm scared to use it.
  4. give samsung HD103UJ from newegg a's a1 TB HD,i bought one ,have no problem so far as moving files goes r_manic is right,i did almost the same thing
  5. The Seagate issue was related to a firmware isssue and not the size of the drive itself. In fact, drives like the Western Digital 1TB are very good quality and more reliable than older 500GB drives. They use newer technologies for reliability as well as denser media so they can run slower and still keep up high speeds (perpendicular recording).

    Seagate is coming out with a new "Barracuda LP" series which I highly recommend; data specs at the site (I'll be comparing the 2TB Seagate and 2TB WD versions for mass storage of DVD's to pair with a Home Theater PC). I imagine after Seagate's previous problem they'll have their issues sorted out. The Seagate Barracuda LP series should be a really safe bet for a storage drive.

    Either the following or the "green" version are excellent hard drives. I have had my drive for one year with no issues. I also am an Electronics Technician and research in depth every part I buy (I used to recommend Seagate and may again).

    Western Digital WD1001FALS Caviar Black 1TB SATA2 7200RPM 4.2MS 32MB 3.5IN
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