Newbie Temperature Question on E7200

I have a E7200 paired with a GA-EP45-UD3R motherboard and am needing some help with temps.

Last night I was using SpeedFan to look at my temps of the CPU and the two cores. I did everything it said to do in the Temperature Guide here on the forums except for making my ambient temp to 22 deg. was more like 26-27 deg. C. Last night my CPU temp was running around 29-30 deg. after calibration of SpeedFan and today it's running about 27-28 deg. C. My ambient temperature now is around 21 deg. C and so it almost seems to be that my calibration is off? I added 2deg C to SpeedFan so that could account for 2 deg. of it but what about the other 4-5 deg.? Is this not a linear relationship to Ambient temperature? All of these temps are at idle.

The other question I have is my GPU temp. I've got a 9800GT dual slot EVGA model and it's running at idle around 70-74 deg. C. I'm assuming this is okay? I haven't messed with overclocking it or anything so everything is at factory specs.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. I have a e7200 at 3.8Ghz, 400Mhz fsb x9.5. My cpu never exceeds 57c under load using Prime95. I use HWmonitor to monitor temps. Realtemp and coretemp are a couple of other temp monitoring apps.

    that is using a golden orb 2. It isnt a very good cooler. It is quiet. If i had a better cooler i would push over 4Ghz.
  2. What is your Vcore voltage? I've got a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 which I am assuming is rated as a high end cooler?
  3. As long as your load temps are alright, I wouldn't worry about the differences in idle temps.

    Also, for your video card, idling at 70-74c is pretty bad. What's the fan speed set to?
  4. I'm not sure as far as RPMs but it says it's at 32% in my Nvidia Control Panel. I tried to increase that number and save the profile but it just goes back to 32%.
  5. So I figured out what was wrong with the setting and changed it to 100% and let it stabilize and it went down to around 52C but the fan was incredibly loud so I lowered it to 60% and it only has gone up about 3-4deg C to around 55-56C. Is this a good idle temp for my card? I don't really want to mess with aftermarket cooling--that's the reason I got the dual slot version.
  6. That seems very hot to me, I have 2x 8800GT with dual-slot coolers and even OCed I havent been able to get them to go over 50C. Depending on how brave you are, you can remove the heatsink and apply some good aftermarket thermal paste. Arctic Silver 5 is the classic staple, tho Arctic Cooling MX-2 has gathered lots of support of late.
  7. With a dual slot cooler how would I do this? How would I go about removing the plastic covering? Is it easy to do?

    Also, could there just be an error in what my GPU temp software is reporting?
  8. So I was looking at this article:,2007-25.html and this is saying there 8800gt in 2d was at 63. Now I don't know if they were using a dual slot cooler but if they weren't is 6-7 deg below there temp seems good to me? Or am I totally off there?

    I know they were using an 8800gt but since a 9800gt is basically a 8800gt I figured it'd be about the same.

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