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I have a notebook: Asus L5831P

Now i want to make my HDD Primary Master but i don`t know how.
Here is my BIOS:

As you can see my DVD-ROM is Primary Master .

I can`t find any jumper on my HDD. Here is a pic:

Please help me to change this order.
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  1. If they are both masters it doesnt really matter. As long as it will boot to the OS on the hdd, dont sweat it.
  2. I know, but i am trying to install iDeneb OSX86 on it and it seems that i have a problem with master/slave order of my components.
  3. On the HDD, the markings don't say "Master" and "Slave", but they do show how to set it to "Device0" or "Device1". I'd bet "Device0" is the first choice or "Master", and that's done by installing NO jumper.

    I'm more intrigued, however, with the BIOS Setup screen that shows you have Master devices on both the Primary and Secondary IDE channels, but no slaves. I would presume this means that each device has its own cable connection to a mobo port. The HDD is connected as Master on the SECONDARY IDE port because that's where the cable is plugged into the mobo. Normally the system will try to boot from the Master on the PRIMARY IDE port. So I think you need to verify that both devices are set with jumpers to be Masters (they probably are already) and then switch the cables around between the two mobo ports. That would move the current Secondary Port Master (your HDD) to being the Primary Port Master, and likewise move the optical drive to the Secondary port as its Master.

    By the way, why do you want to change? It is quite common on desktop systems to use the BIOS to set a boot sequence so that it tries the optical reader first and, if that fails, it goes on the the next choice, usually the HDD. Your BIOS may be set this way, and hence having the optical drive on the Primary Port as Master makes some sense. But you say you want to change this. If you do, make sure also to re-set the Boot Priority or Boot Order in your BIOS to correspond to your new hardware connection system.
  4. Thank you for your answer. I too belive it`s a cable thing.

    I have to change this order because i can`t run OSX.
  5. Sirmaxx said:
    Thank you for your answer. I too belive it`s a cable thing.

    I have to change this order because i can`t run OSX.

    OK, makes sense. Just swap the cables and make sure to adjust the BIOS Boot order.
  6. Please help, i took apart my notebook but i can`t see any IDE Cable.
    Here`s a photo:
  7. My HDD stays on the other side and it`s bay looks like this:

  8. The data cables in a notebook do NOT look the same as the 80-conductor ribbons in a desktop, even though they are IDE. However, look around for the DVD-ROM drive and the hard disk. The HDD, by the way, is smaller than a desktop's 3½" unit. Each should have a smaller connector for electrical power and a much wider connection for the data cable. Trace each data cable back to its mobo end. Verify that the connectors at the mobo are the same so that the swap actually can be done.
  9. In the photo above you can see that there is no cable, i just put my HDD in that place, I also tooked out my dvd-rom and there`s no cable.

    Could you give me a hint where to look for this cables?

    One of them goes directly in FDD and the other in Touchpad.
  11. So i think it has nothing to do with the cables.

  12. nope, your stuck.. its the way it was designed..

    the hdd bay has the secondary controller in your case, and the optical bay the primary.

    there is NO way to change it, without re-designing the motherboard.
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