Xp 64 hangs on post

I'm trying to install xp 64. after the pc has copied the files from the disc and restarts , the pc hangs on post (before the installation (setup))... when it hangs , some random numbers/letters disappear.....then it just stays there with the blinking _

i tried 2 different xp64 discs . same thing. win7 64 bit works , win xp 32 bit works also :(

i recently flashed to the latest bios .... but isn't that supposed to make things better?


g41m-es2l rev 1.0
ati 5850
3gb ram 1x2gb , 1x1gb
3 hard drives , 1 sata spinpoint f2, and 2 other ide hdds
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  1. When the random letters and numbers appear, is it a blue screen (BSOD)?
  2. nope , just hangs there with the blinking " _ " .

    i am installing other windows right now to revert back to previous bios . Somehow I doubt that will help :(
  3. Is it a burned copy? If so, it may be a bad burn.
  4. I'm posting for xp 64 bit right now :)

    it was my crappy old ide hdd that i was installing to.

    installed to my new sata hdd and it booted :)
  5. That's interesting that the other OS's would install on that same HD. You may want to run some diagnostics on that HD.
  6. I've had the same issue in 2007 with this old ide hdd . I only had that hdd , and I had to send it to pc shop to get my computer fixed. I couldn't install any os.

    This hdd is from 2004 the only component surviving from ny dell pc. lol . I always build my own now
  7. Good to hear it's running. Thanx for the update.
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