Asus rampage formula (X48) + Q9650 cannot overclock at all - please he

I just setup a rig for myself. Asus rampage formula, Q9650, 4870 x2, 1000w corsair PSU. The ram i am using is patriot 1066 (link:

I set the ram timings and voltage manually. I have read the Q9650 is very OC friendly. I have tried upping the FSB to 400 putting the ram at 1066 and I cannot get into the windows boot, right before it flashes a blue screen and restarts. I have tried adjusting the CPU voltage up to 1.25 with no luck. It seems like something is just off with the system. My PSU is more than capable. The system is stable with stock settings I have done some mild gaming with no problem.

I am using a zalman 9700 my temps are very low ~30 idle. I am really confused. I am somewhat unsure what to do with all the different voltages I can adjust. Tom's howto guide rings silent on a lot of them since they are board specific. I have followed the guide with all other settings however I have had no real advances.

I read when I was trolling around that I should put the memory in the white slots instead of the blue. That didnt really change anything. I am starting to think it might be a ram issue.

My real problem is I cannot even boot at 3.6ghz, which seems silly given the success to reach 4+ on air using the q9650. I do not know what I am missing. I am starting to wonder if it is a ram issue or something with the mobo and a higher FSB. Basically once my FSB is increased at all my computer crashes. I am unsure of what voltages to run so any advice for NB/SB etc would be much appreciated. I am just lost as to why I am having such difficult even getting to 3.6.

Please help. I am all ears.

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  1. start slower... FSB wall is the problem for quads. At a stock 1:1, your ram would be DDR2 667. I would put the ram back to a stock 1:1 and start upwards slowly from there.
  2. keeping ram at 1:1 I cant boot @ 360, 375, or 400.

    Other people are hitting 450 on air what am I missing.
  3. Ok I'm starting to make some headway. The RAM failed memtest on stock settings. I think the memory is either not compatible or bad. I tried using one stick only - similar boot problems.

    Does anyone have any ram they suggest for my rig aka the rampage ultra mobo.

  4. First RAM suggestion is to set the RAM voltage manually.
  5. Have set ram voltage and timings manually as per manufacturer.
  6. Could be your memory is bad then. Try upping the voltage one or two notches, could be that the rated voltage of your manufacturer is a bit off, this can happen.
  7. picking up some new ram hopefully that will cure it.
  8. att:locodonkey, I hope you fair well, but your overclocking problems are most likely a bios setting issue not a hardware issue. If you post your os,and all your bios settings,I assure you that a good overclock is possible.There is no "cure",this a matter of setting up your proc & memory settings so they work. remember you are trying to overclock a quad & 4 gb of high frequeny memory.
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