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Interesting read, some nice dual vs. quad core context in there aswell.,1697,2282395,00.asp

"Final Thoughts: Price versus Performance
As you can see from the results, both quad core CPUs performed about where you'd expect, given their relative prices. The Phenom X4 9850 is currently AMDs fastest shipping quad core CPU, but it's definitely a budget processor. The Intel Q9300's pricing is still pretty reasonable, but some users considering a Q9300 might think about spending a few dollars more for a Q9450, which clocks a little higher, but has double the L2 cache.

Wolfdale does fairly well in a lot of tests, but it's starting to look like applications are just beginning to take advantage of multithreading in a more robust way. The E8500 may still be the best processor for games, while the E8400 may be the sweet spot in price/performance. But we'd prefer a Q9300 or Q9450 over either of the Wolfdale CPUs. On the other hand, it's likely that an E8500 could be overclocked substantially more than a quad core CPU, so it's all a matter of what you're trying to accomplish.

The real story, though, is that AMDs efforts to bring "true quad core" to market has resulted in pricing that may not be sustainable over the long haul. We're looking forward to the day the company can start shipping CPUs built on 45nm. For now, however, Intel continues to dominate in CPU performance in both high end and mainstream CPUs."
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  1. Finally 2 CPUs that are the same clock so we can get a good clock per clock comparison.

    It looks like in this one the Q9300 does quite a good job. Would like to see the Q9450 and see if it makes any changes to that performance with 2x the cache.
  2. For gaming & overclocking, I would pick Q9300 anytime.
  3. Think they need to get a none intel optimized bench suite when it comes to certain things. There are a few there that you can look at and see that something is amiss, either that, or the TLB fix in SP1 on vista is still effecting the B3's too when its not suppose to.
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