MSI 9600GT [N9600GT-T2D512-OC] overclocking

I recently purchhased an MSI 9600GT. The official ID is N9600GT-T2D512-OC, you can look it up at the manufacturers website:
Please notice it has almost excellent cooling system.
It is already 'factory overclocked':
GPU 650 @ 700
Shader 1625 @ 1680
Memory 900 @ 950

I would like to SAFELY overclock it a bit further, but definitely it should be far from causing any damage to the card or getting artifacts and other on-screen garbage.
The question is: Has anyone been successfully running this card at higher speeds and how is it performing? What is the safe, but better as above configuration?

I was thinking to OC the shaders to 1750 because is has only 64 unified shaders.

Any tips are welcome. Please state if you are only guessing / actually using this particular card / using a similar one.

Big thanks in advance!
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  1. well ever g92/G94 to the best of my extent actually has a 768mhz core wall... ram and shaders are another thind entirely :)
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