smarter alternative to a expensive wacom?

hi there,

i an wanting to get a tablet that i can draw straight onto the screen such as this wacom

ill be buying in new zealand dollars so it will be roughly $1,850
-> [...] mID=362038

its alot of money to throw down for pc naviagtion so i was wanting to know if there was a smarter alternative?
there are other option that are stand alone pc/tablets for half the price.
-> [...] 303896.htm
or -> [...] 980690.htm

but im not sure if i can plug these into my core2duo machine and just use them as tablets and not have them processing anything.

also im not sure how they compare quality wise as i am using the tablet for detailed illustration. i need something that resembles the wacoms preformance interms of userbility.

i have also stumbled across a site that shows how to make a diy touch screen
you tube video ->
looks super complicated though =s definately worth a look into though.

does anyone no of anything that can compete with the wacom name?

thanks for any help you can give me =)
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  1. Hi,

    i found that Fujitsu Lifebook P1630 and T2020(=both Laptops) comewith pen using Wacom technology. so you can get more for the same amount.
    i am still searching to know if those Laptop +pen have the exact abilities of the "cintiq"./
  2. Does it have to have the integrated screen? I've been using Wacom tablets for years and I prefer using my own monitors - higher resolution, larger, and the ability to use multiple monitors. A very good quality Wacom tablet is very affordable and worth every penny for graphics use - I paid $125 Canadian for a 6 x 9 inch Wacom from Ebay and have used it for probably 4 years, and I also have my original Wacom Graphire tablet hooked up to my older computer - I believe I paid $100 for it new about 7 years ago. Just plug it into USB and draw - well actually install the drivers, set it up the way you like (button assignments, touch sensitivity, etc.) and draw.
    An integrated screen looks cool, but for color calibration, drawing room, and being able to use it as an inexpensive peripheral I can use on multiple computers I'd recommend going with a standard Wacom tablet. Once I'm using it, I don't have to look at the tablet in my lap, I only need to look at my monitors (and Photoshop loves dual monitors) - the image being worked on full size on a good quality monitor and the tools and navigator on the other - the navigator is also much better when it is larger so I can use it to look at the image as a whole, while still zoomed in on the part of the image I am working on.
    But, as I said - that does look cool.
    If you do buy it, tell me how well it works - I certainly can't afford one.
  3. Read some articles on the Cintiq.. Some people will NEVER go back from it. I'd love one.
    It's a good EVERYTHING. Monitor, tablet :) second love :P hahah
    You'd probably only get it cheaper second-hand - but finding a person that's actually selling I can imagine will be difficult -

    Read some articles, Google "What's better than a wacom cintiq" you'll see people speak :) :lol:
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