My pc is not detecting external dvd drive while booting

i ahve external dvd drive, when i try to format my system, my external dvd drive is not detecting while booting..after that its detecting..i have checked in booting priority also..Dvd drive is the first priority.. pls tell me the solution for this
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  1. I always wonder how so many people come here and say they formatted their system drive, yet Windows still loads and runs, and their original problem still exist. Think about it people.

    You did not format your system drive, you may have tried, but Windows won't let you.

    Your external drive needs the associated drivers running, as a part of Windows, for Windows to interact with the drive. These drivers are not the first thing that gets loaded into your computer when Windows is building itself on startup.

    If you are trying to boot a CD/DVD in the external drive and it is being bypassed, you may not have a bootable CD/DVD in the drive. You also may not have the USB support for that drive turned on in the BIOS, and you may not have that option, depending on the computer type/make/model.

    Look in your BIOS a bit more, looking for USB boot support entries that may be changed to accommodate booting from a CD/DVD.
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