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Hi everyone,

I dont know much about resolution in games but I`m curious about some settings for my machine.

Q 6600 G0 (stock 2.4)
Mobo P5K
4 DDR2 (2 x 2 Corsair 800)
VGA: ASUS 8800 GT - 600 Mhz, 512 Mb (10900 3DMark 06)
PSU: Chieftec 750W
Temps: 32 idle tcase, 38-39 games tcase, 40c tcase (50c tjunc) Orthos CPU stress (4 cores)
OS: Win XP SP3 RC2, DX 9.0c March 2008
Display: 206BW Samsung 20" wide (1600x1050)

I`ve read many settings about different machines but seems nothing for general prupose for my config
I`d like to hear some advices about settings in game and in Nvidia control panel about those.

Only thing that I made was to disable V-sync (NVidia and game setting), also I would like to know if game resolution matters to FPS in game. For general I`m using 1600x1050 windowed in games.

THanks and looking forward for answers about this
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  1. Why are you running your games in a window? You should run full screen with maximum settings. This should work in almost every game but Crysis.
  2. I don't quite get what your asking
  3. @xpyrofuryx: I mean the compatible-best settings between Nvidia CPanel and Game settings for best FPS / Graphic results in game.

    @hesskia: I play games like WoW, Hellgate, Crysis. In WoW is ok beside Shattrah zone wheere is going to 30 FPS, the rest zones are like 70-130 FPS, In Hellgate same but in underground tunnels at a big fight (15 mobs) I get even 10-16 FPS, as for Crysis never had problems in Medium details (All), just in some High details I`m getting lag on movement.

    Sorry for my english skills :-s
  4. Maybe I could help.
    I think that you are asking people what are the settings to give you max. FPS at the res. you play with your current computer. If this is the case, I don't think that anyone could answer that.
    People change their settings to their liking. All you have to do is change different settings, one at a time, until everything is to your liking, eye candy wise and FPS wise.
  5. Go hear and read allll about it This site not only gives you good control overall for best settings thru control panel, it will also give you some ideas how things work and also gives good instruction on how best to play each game, for best settings in that game
  6. Many thanks for your answeres, that helps a lot

    Cheers ! :)

    PS: yes I was talking about FPS / quality in games setting and vie CPanel Nvidia :)
  7. I'd leave AA and AF options in nvdia control panel to application controlled. Also if you run games in windowed mode you will see a decrease in performance.
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