Bootmgr is missing , Please Help!

Hello everyone, my computer has recently had a problem.
I have Vista Home Premium installed on a computer that was given to me by a friend. As I was trying to install Windows 7 a problem came up. When booting up the system , the message BootMgr is missing press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart came up. It won`t let me boot the computer at all.
So far i've tried a vista recovery disk , a windows 7 installation disc, and a windows 7 recovery disc. None has worked, so i research more on it and followed a few guides. To my surpsise none had worked.
I've put the main priority to boot as cd/dvd while doing those, and managed to get into the system recovery options. But from there nothing was possible, Start up repair gave me the answer of nothing could be fixed. System restore has no earlier points, windows complete pc restore has no back up locations, wmd tool said the bootmgr was missing. I've also used Command prompt to do multiple things which had not worked. If anyone could be so kind as to help me out i would be extremely grateful, I desperatly need this computer fixed as I need this computer to do company business work.
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  1. Also, whenever I try to use the recovery disk for vista it says that `Windows cannot open the required file D:\Sources\Install.wim. The files does not exist. Make sure all files requires for installation are available, and retart the installation. Error code: 0x80070002"
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