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Hi all

I was curious as to which FSB:RAM ratio provides the best performance.

Whilst overclocking my system I tried out a few options.

CPU: Q9550 OC @3.4GHZ FSB 400
MB: Gigabyte X48T-DQ6
RAM: OCZ Platinum DDR3

I was using loose timings at this time since I wasnt totally sure i was stable.

TIMINGS: 8-8-8-24

My Gigabyte MB gave me 4 divider options at the 400MHz strap. I tested each of them with 3DMark05.

1:1 Ratio 22783 3DMarks / 15769 CPU Marks

3:4 Ratio 22852 3DMarks / 17864 CPU Marks

3:5 Ratio 23218 3DMark / 18848 CPU Marks

2:1 Ratio (Much too low for the memory, wouldn't even boot)

Based on this alone I am using the 3:5 ratio, I have no idea why this ratio gets a higher score, I also have no idea as to whether or not 3DMark05 is a good metric to use.

What do people think on the subject?
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  1. it makes bugger all difference - only those who are determined to get the ABSOLUTE maximum will want to bother with this (just use 1:1, makes calculations easier :))
  2. You won't notice any difference in real-world use. If you're really interested in having the best performance, 1:1, 3:4 and 4:5 have always worked best for me.
  3. if you can run your memory at a higher speed then you get more bandwidth but for everyday use spuddyt is correct it makes no diffrence.
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