looking to replace P180

My current case is the Antec p180. I really like its looks but other things I don't like at all , like cable management (or lack thereof), lack of space to work and IMO horrible cooling.

I want a full tower case with great cooling and with room for 4 hdd and also room for my Thermaltake V1 cpu cooler.

Models I am intersted in :

-Coolermaster Cosmos S
-Coolermaster Stacker 832
-Lian-Li PC-80 Armoursuit

I'd like to get comments on those cases and if you have other models to suggest feel welcome to !

Anyone heard about a release date for the Antec 1200 ? If it were out it would be my first choice.
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  1. HOW does the Antec P-180 have horrible cooling?!?!? If that is horrible then your up s&%t creek. At most you can spend huge amounts of money and drop temps by about 5c-10c, not really worth it. The Cooler Master Cosmos S will cool worse than the P-182, thanks to terribly positive pressure. The Stacker 832 is nice, but the fans on the sides might get in the way of a tall heatsink. The Lian-Li PC-80 Armorsuit is not bad when it comes to cooling, but not worth $400 and crappy fans. These are the only case I would suggest, and fans. You will not find a huge difference, but as long as you understand that.


    (for extreme cooling)

    (for good cooling and acceptable noise level)

    If you can not decide between the PC-A70 (or A71, its the same but with a door) and the Silverstone TJ07 then go to my post:
  2. Id have to agree with blood raven. I have a P180 and its silent and awesome for cooling as long as you set it up correctly.

    I also have been looking at the Lian Li A70 because of the size and cooling options, although it will be louder than a P180
  3. I too have a P182 and think it's great. Airflow and cooling are great, especially if you add a front 120mm fan. Size wise, it's plenty big, at least for me. For cable management, you can cut a hole in the metal above the motherboard (like the P182 has) to run cables.

    But to each their own. You can get a bigger case for your own liking, but I wouldn't expect it run cooler, and definitely not quieter.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Maybe I was a bit harsh about the cooling .... And I really like the look of the P180 compared to any other case on the market. So if you could make suggestions on the best cooling setup (fan location) for this case I would appreciate it a lot. I have 3 Scythe Slipstream 120mm 1600rpm ready for installation and also I have a Sunbeam Rheostat 6 fan controller.

    How is your cooling setup in your P180 then ?
  5. smartel7070 said:
    My current case is the Antec p180. I really like its looks but other things I don't like at all , like cable management (or lack thereof), lack of space to work and IMO horrible cooling.

    Well 182 is improvement when considering caple management, it allso helps in coolin! I have P180 and really like it a lot, but the cable management is a little bit tedious, so the P182 is big improvement. But I like P180 because it has good cooling (if you manage to make cables away) and because it's really silent. If you need more room p190, may be, but as I said I even like P180 to be reasonable case and P182 is definitely big improvement.
    Ofcourse it depends allso a lot, what power supplie you have! You have to have a powersuplie that has guite long caples, otherwice those caples are going to hurt your ventilation.
  6. Honestly, save your money and buy a Dremel, cut some holes and tuck those wires out of the way.
  7. My 180 has an Qx9450, 2x 8800 GTXs in SLI, and 3 HDs, with a swiftech pump, 2 x 120 RADS, and an 80 Rad, with a 3.5 resevoir, and is quiet to boot. All the water cooling stuff is inside the case as well.
  8. I've decided to keep the P180 and I'm gonna build another comp in it with a 3700+ AMD cpu which I'll use as a server. I will get the P182 for my main system. I also ordered a Thermaltake toughpower 650 modular psu so this way I will keep the inside of the comp really clean.

    I wanna thank you guys for the replies.... I was about to do a very stupid thing by dumping the P180. I really really like the way it looks and although the cases I was considering have great reviews IMO the P180 IS the best looking case of them all. Thanks again !!

    BTW anyone knows who makes the Toughpower line of psu's for Thermaltake ?
  9. If you cant figure out cable management in a p180... then you have issues.
  10. Dayam dude. I LOVE my P180b.

    Didnt even bother with the 182 as the hose holes were in the wrong place.
    Cooling is awesome imho, only thing i would change is make space to put an intake fan in the front of the bottom chamber when running hdds there.
  11. skittle : The cables on my Enermax psu are not very long ... the main 24 pins cable barely reaches the mobo connector and I had to buy an extension for the 4pins atx cable as this one did not reach the mobo connector.

    mrmez : I fitted a Scythe Slipstream 100mm fan in front the the bottom hdd cage on my case cause my 4 hdd's are in that cage.
  12. That enermax must be quite small, cable wise. The only problem I have had with my PC P&C 750w and my Antec 900, similar in size to the P-180/2, is th e 8-pin CPU connector, dam thing is short. I still managed however and my system runs on average at 28c, my temps were on average at 24c before I put the Xigmatek HDT-s1283 CPU cooler in it (same size as TRUE, but taller) which almost entirely covers my top fan.
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