Can i overclock my E2180 with this motherboard?

I have a HP pavilion a6300f and if im right it has a foxconn nforce 630i motherboard. I want to overclock my E2180 cpu. I have gone to my BIOS but it doesnt have my cpu settings as selectable as in its gray and i can't click them. So can can i overclock the cpu with this motherboard? thanks in advance.
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  1. No. HP locks some settings on the bios.
  2. 'how bout if i buy a new motherboard, will it still be locked?
  3. ^No, it won't be locked BUT you won't be able to Install the OS provided by HP not to mention needing a re-install. Your best bet is to get a new case (possibly), and a new PSU (would be a good idea as those HP PSUs are sub par) and a EP/P35-DS3L(or P45 if you can get it).
  4. A new motherboard would allow you to oc but you better get one that fits your case, and it would be wise to get a p35 or p45 chipset.
  5. well i already have replaced my power supply and graphix card and im planning to buy a new case, if i buy a new case will i be able to overclock? and im thinkin of getting the cm 690 by the way.
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    Yes. You should be able to OC very well if you replace motherboard. The most common combo for that E2xxx is a P35-DS3L or if you plan to up to E8400 later a P45-DS3x. The CM 690 is a good case go for it. Mind listing PSU and GPU? Also you will need a good HSF if doing any serious OCing. I recommend XIGMATEK S1283 (+ bolt in kit) or Core Contact.
  7. yes, it is a mATX but my question is if i get a new case will it enable me to overclock my cpu? FYI: the case im probubly gettin is the coolermaster 690.
  8. ^lol, you responded to my older comment, see new one above.
  9. i will not do any serious OCing, i have a 9600 GT video card and a 600 watt power supply.

    Right now im confused. Can you tell me what i can do to be able to OC that cpu? (cheapest way) you said my best bet was to buy a new case, so isnt that easier than everything else?
  10. You need a new motherboard to overclock!!! If it fits in your old case you dont need a case. Sometimes HP cases only work with motherboards that were made for HP.
  11. ^+1. Correct.
  12. so i have to buy a new mother board? but then ill have to buy a Operating system and maybe a new case.
  13. ^Yes.
  14. but thats too much money. im better off just buying a new processor, right?
  15. ^ Not reallly. When Core i7 comes prices should drop quite a lot. Imo, I would stick with a new case, and a new motherboard, and every thing else the same.
  16. Looking at pics of your system, it appears to be just a standard mATX board and case. You might get away with just getting a replacement board, make sure it's mATX so it will fit your current case at least.

    As for the OS, you can always try calling MS up and say that you upgraded, for them to re activate your key for the new motherboard. Won't hurt to try.
  17. Why can't i just buy a new processor? It's easier rather than updating the case and motherboard, and gettin new os.
  18. ^Ahhh but will your BIOS support it???
  19. WHAT!? damn... how can i find out if it will? Is this is all caused because of HP locking the motherboard?
  20. i think you will better off just buy P31 for this setup.because the limited cooling of the stock case its not going to have great airflow anything higher than P31 i think its a waste.
  21. If i'm going to need a new mother board might as well buy a new case, i'm gonna get a cm690 case so whats a good motherboard for that? and can someone find out if my motherboard will let me get a new processor, because i don't wanna end up buying a new motherboard, case, processor, and OS. I just dont have the money for everything, i'm only 14.
  22. 14 aye?its good you have some money:)

    for that case a good mobo would be a Biostar Tpower I45 if you going to stick with dual core and plan to overclock.but for a quad core setup in the future a Gigabyte EP45-DS3 or Asus P5Q Pro will do the job very nicely!
  23. will my bios support a new processor? most likely a E8400.
  24. well if its a 630i then it should do. or it could even work without and BIOS update.
  25. k, thanx. im gonna buy a new processor and in the future replace my case and motherboard.
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