Additional storage to a Raid 5 array

New to the forum but I hope someone is able to advise.

I am about to buy a DAS box with the intention of running a raid 5 array using 3 x 1 Terrabyte drives. This will give me 2 terrabytes of storage

The DAS enclosure takes a total of 5 drives and if I were to add another 1-2 drives would the raid array recognise the additional storage or would I have to rebuild (?) the array and lose the data that was on the existing disks?

Many Thanks

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  1. Its 99.9% likely that the DAS supports capacity expansion whether online or offline. Online means it will expand the capacity onto the new disk(s) and still allow access to the data while it is rewriting/reorganizing the data across all the drives. Offline means it will not allow access to the data until it completes the expansion. This is something to check if you need constant access to the data.

    1) What do you need the DAS for?
    2) Is the DAS software Raid or hardware Raid and how does it connect to the PC(eSata, FW, ethernet)?
  2. Hi and thanks for the reply,

    I was going to use the DAS simply for backup sort of creating a "data tank" for data that was stored elsewhere. I don't need constant access t othe data

    Its an edgestore DAS box connecvted by esata so it should be hardware raid

    sounds like it might be ok then?


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