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I have an external IDE hard drive in a USB box connected through a Belkin hub I've been using with my Vista computer for about a year. I recently moved my office and now it won't work with Vista. It works just fine with my XP laptop, but not the Vista Home Premium one. I've determined it's not the hub, drivers (there were none provided) or USB ports so it has to be some kind of permissions problem in Vista. It seems like I had this happen when I first hooked it up and it turned out to be a Service that was turned off by a windows update but I can't remember now which service. Does anyone know which services need to be running for an external hard drive to work?
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  1. Are you using a external drives using power from USB or external drives with its own power supply.

    I have a portable usb drive that runs on USB power. HUBS without power supply can't run or support portable drives. It behaves just like as you describe.

    Notebook usb are properly powered. I plug my portable drive on my desktop USB from the motherboard. I also have a POWERED USB HUB. That hub support my portable drives.
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