Acer X263W LCD and Tri-SLI issue

So me and my buddy were playing games last night and messing with his PC. He just bought an ACER 26" display and only have VGA and HDMI inputs. For some reason it does NOT like the HDMI output. If he boots his machine he gets no output unless he unplugs and plugs his monitor in once he is in windows. And his highest res option is 1024 X 768. His Drives are loaded fine and we used the analog connection and he is able to get max res with analog, 1920x1200. He has 3 GTX's in Tri-SLI on a 780I mobo. it has the same issues with only one GTX installed as well. he has a 24" before and sold it to a buddy and got this display yesterday. ACER does not have a driver fir this display on their website and nothing on the CD it cames with. He runs Vista 64bit
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  1. I had a similar issue with the analog output, where 1920x1200 res would not work. I went into catalyst control center and just tweaked the vertical sync by one and it started working.
  2. Is this a monitor or tri-sli issue? I am thinking of getting this monitor, how does it perform apart from this incident?
  3. I'm having problems with the Acer X263W too. I've used it on a few systems, I was blaming my mobo. But it seems hdmi port will flash black screen at random times. While VGA will work fine. While the x263w runs 1920x1200 60Hz, I've had black screen all the higher resolutions. I've wasted hours on this with mobo settings etc. Anyway, I'm getting a new monitor to test. I will try and send back the Acer, either that or I live with VGA at 1920x1200.

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