Low X25-E Performance

Just got a X25-E and my read performance is only 130 MB/s tested both by HD tach and HDtune, tried with Win7 and Vista, all drivers installed

My windows 7 hard drive score was a 7.6

My boot times seem slow, not much faster then my old 7200rpm seagate

Dell XPSM1530
4GB DDR2 667
Core 2 T9300
Intel (Kingston Branded) X25-E 32GB

I saw some tweaks on OCZ forums that i tried, disabling indexing, prefetch, superfetch and a few other things
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  1. Is there an option in the BIOS to change the SATA interface speed?
    Sounds like it might be running at SATA 150 rather than 300.
  2. Unfortunetly my BIOS is pretty crippled the only option was to run it in ACHI (spelling?) mode and that is enabled
  3. I bet you board only supports sata 1. Same issue with my ssd in my netbook.
  4. daship said:
    I bet you board only supports sata 1. Same issue with my ssd in my netbook.

    just looked it up, supports SATAII
  5. Could you try the "Files" (filesystem) benchmark of HDTune, or the ATTO benchmark? Does it give different results?
  6. Calling the interface SATAI or SATAII doecn't mean a lot, it could be SATAII (because of the command set it uses) and still only work at 1.5Gig.

    Booting from a Linux live CD and looking through the system log file (/var/log/dmesg) will tell you what it (really) supports,

    you should get a log entry something like this:
    [ 4.799353] ata1: SATA link up 1.5 Gbps (SStatus 113 SControl 300)
  7. Supports it? Thats because it will run but only Sata 1 speeds.
  8. Its not SATA 1
  9. So, benchmark it properly first.
  10. depends on what you mean by performance - gaming wont see any diference where as general usage (opening apps, day to day tasks) will see a mammoth boost

    also with windows start up half of it is PNP initialization and some network etc - take note when the HDD is actually being accessed etc
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