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Hi everybody, since i'm new to this forum, i hopel i'm posting in the right place. I managed to change my boot.ini file and it seems that i removed the wrong line because now i can't restart my pc, i only get a black screen saying nothing, can't even start in safe mode. i got into my BIOS but there's no way i can reach my boot.ini file. Has anyone some helpfull ideas ????

Thanks in advance..
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  1. You could remove the HDD from your machine, put it in another computer, open, edit, and save the boot.ini file, and then re-install the HDD to your computer. You did save the working boot.ini file as something like "boot.ini.old" didn't you?
  2. If you have an XP disc, boot into the repair console. To do this, get into the BIOS, and make the CD/DVD drive the first boot device. Then press any key when prompted. After a minute or 2, it will stop on a screen. Press the R key to enter the repair console.

    Press 1 and enter, to select your main partition.

    Press enter when prompted for the admin password.

    At the command line, type bootcfg /rebuild and enter. You will likely get a couple prompts. Select your OS type if prompted, and choose type /fastdetect.

    That should rebuild your boot.ini file, and you should be able to boot into windows normally. Don't forget to change the first boot device back to the hard drive in the BIOS.
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