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I need to overclock my 5000+ BE to 3.2Ghz. Currently, it's at 3.02 - which was easy to get to given that only the multiplier had to be touched, but getting above this is a bit more complicated (for me). I can get it there -to 3.2- but it's not stable at all under load. I've been trying to get as much info as possible, and i'm not dumb in such matters, but honestly I cannot understand half the stuff being talked about in regards to timings, increase this and that, etc. My specs are Biostar TF570SLI (up-to-date BIOS), 2+1Gb OCZ DDR2 Platinum Edition (rev.2), 2x8800GT OC, Western Digital SATA 500gb, 750w psu. Good air-cooling. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Really!!!! ;)

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  1. Assuming your temps are good, have you tried a little more voltage? The key word being "little"
  2. What HSF do you have?
  3. First and foremost, if you are just trying to hit a 16x Multiplier to get to 3.2ghz, cpu temps and voltage numbers going to have the biggest affect and thus, we would need to know what heatsink and fan you are using as the poster above said. For other overclocking options, I'm
    wondering more about how your HT and memory settings are. It sounds like you're running two mismatched sticks of Ram, a 1gb one and a 2gb. Please provide their rated speeds and timings.
  4. Hey - I can boot into windows at 3.2 when setting the core voltage to 1.425 (one step lower at 1.400 and it can't even boot into windows). Without any stress, the machine is stable - but it reboots after c. 10 minutes of gaming or 2 minutes of stress test (with everest) - and at 100% cpu load the temp is around 58C. HSF is Zalman CNPS8700 NT ( http://zalman.com/ENG/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=278 ). Just to note, the case is pretty well ventilated. But it's all aircooled.
  5. wow you have my exact system escept i have 9800gt's, more drives and the zalman 9500.
  6. have you treid loosening timings and messing with the cpu clock?
  7. Shabodah - thanks. I'm running identical sticks of ram. I'm using these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227139 . As far as the the HT and memory settings are concerned, I have not adjusted them - I left them at the default settings.
  8. What does "loosening timings" mean? :??:
  9. Well, from your data, it sounds like you are hitting your processor's ceiling, but, there is no good way to find out exactly where that is without messing with your HT and multiplier settings. To start this process, I'd recommend attempting to run your computer at 12x250 with the memory set for 667 divisor. If things are happy there, then you can work you're way up towards 3.2ghz. My personal 5000+ BE processor will not run stable beyond 3.18ghz (12x265). I can get it to boot into windows, and run most applications, but when it hits 100% on both cores, it starts to error out. The processor is still running pretty cool and I've tried all sorts of voltage adjustments, but the cpu just stops at 3.18ghz. Recently, I've run into the same issue with the new 6000+ processor which runs stock at 3.1ghz at 15.5x200. It will run fine up to 3.36ghz, but nothing I do matters beyond that. These numbers are pretty typical give or take 100mhz for these processors.
  10. omnimodis78 said:
    What does "loosening timings" mean? :??:

    If you're not changing your HT or Multi at all, the timings for the RAM would not have any effect on what is going on.

    RAM timings are one of the most complicated things to deal with when overclocking. I'd recommend you read some articles on it before messing with them much. But, to loosen them means to set their numbers numerically higher as timings are faster the lower they are numerically.
  11. I think that Tom's got luck and had a great chip when they did the 5000black review. Most people are not getting 3.2 at all. Most top out around 3.0...
  12. I guess I'm one of the fortunate ones. Mine is running rock steady @3.2 1.4v. I have a Sycthe Katana 2 cooler and I think the temps are okay but have never been able to get a decent temp. reading off it. It seems to have the Brisbane thermal sensor bug.
  13. Hmm i was rather sure that getting to 3.2ghz wouldn't be such a major issue - i mean, of course, it would require some tweaking, but I think i got the right temps at 3.2 currently, i just need to get it stable under stress. This is my problem, i don't know what to start tweaking... I would love to get a reference point and then go from there. If i hit the roof with the processor, then i will accept that, as long as i know that i have tried everything at my disposal, and right now, I know there is much more to try before admitting defeat hehe. Plz keep the suggestions/ideas/comments rolling!
  14. I would love to upload a screenshot of everest to show you guys the specs while it's running at 3.2ghz, but i have no idea how to do that.
  15. You did disable Cool & Quiet, right?
  16. omnimodis hit the prntscrn button on top of the home keys and paste it into an image editing software and save...ill try to do mine right now.
  17. hey guys - thanks for all the feedback so far! Yes, i have C&Q disabled. If i could only upload the printscreen of everest running its stress test i could show you the settings i'm at while running at 3.2ghz. The issue is that i know it's not going to remain stable when i start playing games - MAN i really want to run stable at 3.2ghz!!! Shabodah.....we have the same cpu and mobo dude! fantastic investments if you ask me... What setting are you at in bios to get 3.2 stable???
  18. **correction** - sorry Shabodah....i meant to write teh_boxzor's specs are similar to mine - no offence meant in case you have something better!
  19. i used multi at 15 and 213 frequency volted at 1.425
  20. Thanks teh_boxzor! Using your numbers appears to have been successful! My machine has been running at 3.2ghz with the memory clock at 399.6mhz. Rock solid performance during games, stress test, etc. Great stuff! Thanks to all for your feedback!
  21. NP mate. glas to help!
  22. I got the same too!!!

    AMD 5600+ BE + CM Hyper TX2
    BioStar TF570Sli
    OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066 2 x 1G
    Sapphire HD4870 1G
    Corsair TX650 PSU

    CPUz shows my memory to run at 350Mhz. I manually set the timings from 5-5-5-15 to 4-4-4-12 1T, but the frequency remains at 350. The divider is auto set at /7 as my CPU multi is currently at 12 (I think) and my FSB at 234. Will it be wortwhile to get the memory up to 400mhz by lowering the CPU multi further and raising the FSB, to get a better divider?
    I also have an aftermarket NB cooler, Thermalright HR05 Sli. Its quite close to my HOT 4870 1G, but cooling should be sorted.

    My Bios allows the multiplier up to 15X only. Should I use some 3rd party software to raise the Multi beyond this?

    When I use the Auto Overclock System in BIOS, I get a rock steady 3.05Ghz, but the voltage sets to 1.55 or such, which I feel is a bit high.
  23. just increase multi to 15 and cpu frequency to 213 like i said memory should run 400 mhz...
  24. I got mine to 3.118GHz with no problems. Close enough for me! Check out my specs.
  25. Ehh, I guess some of these Biostar motherboards don't like the 5000 BE as much as they could. Im running a TA770 A2+ and can get to 16x200 with the CPU crashing. It definitely wont pass a stress test. Volts set to 1.475 on the CPU. Running Corsair XMS2 4gb (TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX) which is known to be decent with tighter timing at a slightly higher than 1.95v. I'm running it at 2.0v to make sure it's not the issue. I haven't tried the SB voltage yet and can't find a HT multi on this funky HT bios menu. It lists mhz.. 200-1ghz. They set the HT to exactly what I set it to.. 200 to 1ghz.. Doesn't do me much good.

    From previous successful crowds of OC'ers, pushing the HT to 1200-1400 seemed to stablize many issue by the time these CPUs hit 3.2. Increasing RAM voltage helps as would loosening timing if your mem runs 2.1v+ or bottlenecks you sub-2v. Make sure your sticks can handle the voltage before you push them through it! At the moment, I just installed Fallout 3. I doubt 200mhz will make or break the game, but 200mhz may help me hold over for a new(er) CPU and mainboard!!
  26. I've recently installed a 5000+ Brisbane in a new Asus M3A78-CM mobo and have set the multiplier to X15.5 in BIOS for a core speed of 3.1GHz and it is recognized by BIOS at that speed when rebooted. But, when in Windows, under full load, Everest indicates the CPU speed is topped out at 2.6GHz (so does CPU-Z).

    I keep thinking that there is something simple I've missed in the BIOS settings. Could someone please give me a few pointers (I'm totally new to overclocking).

  27. Are you using any of the ASUS utlities to change the BIOS settings when windows loads? I think there is a utility called AI Overdrive, or something similar, that I used to use. The utility might be overriding the BIOS settings when windows loads. In other words, during the boot the clock speed is set one way, but while Windows is running, the BIOS settings are temporarily modified.
  28. Thanks, Primus, I'll look into that.
  29. keyter, I'm not sure why your voltage is so high, you may be able to lower it manually.
    Heres my OC with a 5400 BE.

    core speed: 3210.5
    multiplier : x 13.5
    bus speed : 237.8~458.6MHz=917
    HT link : 1189.1
    CL :4
    tRCD :4
    tRP :4
    tRAS :11
    CR :2T (the draw back of 4x1 g sticks)
    running at 1.344 volts

    1na dees days me'll figure uot sceene shotss.LOL
  30. Primus, I don't have AI overdrive in my software package. One thing I did notice is that when I disable Cool 'n' Quiet in BIOS the computer will run in Windows at 3.1GHz (200MHz x 15.5), but ONLY at 3.1 which isn't great when I'm not working it. I did tinker with the speed of the FSB and have it running stable under load (with CnQ enabled) at 3.08GHz (237MHz x 13). Any higher than that and the system becomes unstable.
  31. unclefester

    At the moment mine seems stable at 3150MHz, 1.475vcore. (15 X 210, I think). My RAM also runs at 450MHz now and HT Link is 1050MHz.

    I just can't seem to get a stable 3.2GHz. If I lower the vcore below 1.450 it also compromises stability. How much will I need to "loosen" Ram timings to be able to overclock further?
    Currently my OZC 1066 Reapers are at 5-5-5-15 (1/2T - I set it to Auto)
  32. I can only get my AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition to a 14.5 multiplier I have a M2N-SLI Deluxe MOBO,CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory(two kits) for 4 GB, and Thermaltake CL-P0075 80mm 2 Ball CPU Cooling Fan/Heatsink. How can i get it higher without it crashing
  33. TCM, you may be able to go to the ASUS site and download AMD Overdrive.
    It should be compatible with your board.

    Keyter, I don't think loosening your timings on your memory will help?
    There was something I read a while back about odd frequencies (ie...2.9MHz) messing the multiplier/divider ratios. You may want to go back to stock voltage, and if you can get to 222 on your FBS that should get you to 3.2. (fingers crossed, with no extra volts)

    Skiscola, you may be able get to 15 with a little bump in voltage. Try adding .0125v to you V-Core. (it will propably default by adding .025v though, nobiggy) Be carefull if you've never done this before, type in the wrong numbers and OH $#!+ !!!! :-( spend more money .,.

    Forgot to ask, what kind of volts are guys running on you memory?
  34. Mine is at 2.1V, as rated by OCZ. I can bump it up to 2.4v, but I don't want to damage the hardware and void my warranty.
  35. Yea, I run my D-9s at 2.0 . Warrantys good to 2.35, but reviews I've read state that it really shortin's the life expectency.
  36. I just got a 5400 BE a few days ago and it was a breeze to OC it to 3.2GHz with a gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H. Using a x16 multiplier all I had to do was bring the vcore up to 1.375v from the stock 1.325v to stabilize the OC.

    Mobo must be the issue. I've never used biostar boards so I have no idea the OCing potential or issues with them.
  37. Abit Fatal1ty AN9-32X
    2GB OCZ Dual Channel Gold Rev 2
    AMD X2 5000+ BE
    Stock cooler
    Radeon 3850 512MB

    all i did was up the multi to X16 and left everything at stock....at multi x16 the divider is at CPU/8 making ram run at 400MHZ (800MHZ)...........even C&Q is enabled and its purring along just fine. temps range from 19C to 55C.....how accurate i dunno till i upgrade the cooler

  38. Godsizesnakeyes, don't know much about Gigabyte boards but needing to bump the voltage on your vcore could also have something to do with the CPU also. As long as you have good temps no biggy though. You may be able to raise your FSB and sqeeze a few more MHz out of er.
    What memory you using?

    Ricman, thats a pretty decent OC. I've read where the 5000 seem to be a little better clockers in the AMD family. You probably won't get much more by raising the FSB (but you never know). You may give it a try after you get your new cooler. Those OC Gold's should be able to take some tighter timings even if their 800's. I've got the 8500 Reapers (1066) running at 917 MHz with 4-4-4-8 timings on 2.0v
    Stock timings are 5-5-5-15 2.1v
  39. unclefester said:
    Godsizesnakeyes, don't know much about Gigabyte boards but needing to bump the voltage on your vcore could also have something to do with the CPU also. As long as you have good temps no biggy though. You may be able to raise your FSB and sqeeze a few more MHz out of er.
    What memory you using?

    I've been using 4x1GB of Transcend AxeRAM DDR2-800 since I built my rig 1 year ago.
    It's turned out to be great ram with good reviews so it's a shame it seems to have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    I'm working on a new custom case with even better airflow and then I will try to get some more out of my 5400 BE by playing with the FSB. I've had my FSB up to 270 stable when I was using a 4000 brisbane OCed to 2.8GHz but it took alot of tweaking and alot of juice. So I think with my setup a 5400 BE @ 3.4GHz is realistic with proper cooling.
  40. I could boot and load windows at 3.450 but as soon as I moved the mouse it would blue screen. that was at 1.40 volts. At 3.376 could run apps, but wasn't stable. Don't want to throw to many volts at er' yet. Don't want to spend any money till see what the new phenom II's are made of.
  41. Hey guys

    Any chance the AM2+ phenoms etc will work in my AM2 Biostar mobo. Biostar TF570 Sli. Has anyone even tried?
  42. nope

    its not on the cpu product support list on their website
  43. heh I have a 5000be and I can't can't mine to run at 3.2 and I spent about a week playing with it. In the stress tests I run it seems the core#0 fails after about a minute though core#1 is able to continue. This is with ram v up and vcore set to 1.425 it only wants to run at about 3.1 stable. I run at 3.1 on stock voltage.
  44. I get my 5000+ BE @ 3.2GHz on an MSI K9A2 CF-F mobo without any adjustment other than taking the multiplier to x16. I'm using a ZEROTherm BTF80 HS/Fan (w/ included thermal paste) and temps stay in the 40-45C range even under full load.

    I think what some of you are forgetting is the fact that BE chips simply have their multipliers unlocked. Tinker around with the multiplier, not your FSB. Once you find a stable multiplier, then go ahead and try raising the FSB a little at a time.
  45. Got my 5000+BE to 3.2Ghz easily stable with X13 multiplier 1.392V, just upped bus speed....RAM running @ 940Mhz 1.9V HT link @1200, but easily brought below 1000 w/800 multiplier.

    Had this 5000+BE past 3.3Ghz, but started getting intermittent errors during stress testing..

    Right now this rig is running perfect...hours of any game NP! decent temps.

    Ill post some screenshots soon.
  46. I'm pretty sure that it's my mobo that is holding me back since I built this system as a budget rig and it uses n520 chipset lol though on the bright side i only paid $30 for it at the time.
  47. This took a week of playing! For some reason it does not show the multi or vcore but they were 16x 213FSB 1.52 vcore. verified and stable but i dont want to push it so i stick to 3.2 This was done on my ASUS M2n32 WS PRO
    Lost the original and had to use a screenshot of my desktop. by the way i hit 3.5 but it was not stable so it didn't count. And this is on air cooling Phenom cooler lol.
  48. I wish i could get mine to hit 3.4ghz http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=474979
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