SSD disk in Dell labtop

In some Dell labtops you can buy 256GB SSD drives, in others only 128GB. Could this be a bios limit? As acsessory the 128GB SSD disks available from Dell (more than 5different versions availble) cost completely differnetly. Is there any reason why one 128GB disk can go in one labtop, but not another?
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  1. i wouldnt think that there is any actual reason other than they want you to buy a more expensive model to get the 256GB SSD
  2. SSD's are generally SATA drives and just as interchangeable as their hard drive cousins.

    The differences are in speed and quality. There's lots of info but a good SSD is very, very expensive. Wait at least another year.

    Aside from price and other issues, wear-levelling technology has been problematic as well.
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