New lowbudget Computer Building plans

Hi evry1

im planning to build my own low-budget computer for around 600 euros.
Ive made a system and i would like u guys to critisize it/give comments/approve it.

-Cheap case from local shop - 30 euro
-1024 MB Nanya Elixir DDR2/800 Dimm + 2048 MB Apacer DDR2/800 - 60 euros
-Samsung 320GB S-ATA II U300 7200RPM 16MB - 70 euros
-this mobo: -100 euros
-SONY DVD±R/RW 20X Retail Black/Silv. IDE -28 euros
-AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Socket-AM2 Boxed -100 euros
-EVGA GeForce 9600GTSC (superclocked) 512MB PCI-E -170euros
-Coolermaster 500W RP500 Voeding ATX 2.01 -60 euros

grand total: 620 euros

is this a good price or do i want to go somewere else. I dont have postalcosts because i can buy it in that shop

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  1. You have Intel motherboard...

    With amd 5000+ and 9600 take... M3N78-EMH HDMI
    PSU: GO ATX 2.2

    5000+ less than 90€
    320Gb less than 70€
  2. You've got an Intel board and an AMD CPU. That's not goin' fly.
  3. ok ive now taken the one u recommended me

    ok thats fixed then but is the rest ok to?
    if its all ok then im gonna order somethin now :)
  4. IT´s a Smart easy budget Run, It will run just Fine.

    You can later uppgrade since you have AM2+ Quad-Core CPU/AM2 CPU support on your motherboard.

    Personally I would take nice 500GB sata 32MB less than 80€
    -->DIAMONDMAX 500GB SATA2 7200 RPM 32MB
    BARRACUDA 7200.11 500GB 32MB 96,39€ in

    I self have ADO5000DSWOF its best AMD (price/performance) but you need a cooler for that one.
    -->AMD ATHLON 64 X2 5000+ AM2 (65W) WOF 84,49€ in
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