Confusion over 12v rails

Hey guy/gals ive got two questions for your excellent brains today. Firstly, im considering buying a new computer since i have a habit of blowing old ones up (trust me its a skill of mine)
Intel Q6600 quadcore 2.4Ghz
Asus 8800gt 512mb
4gb Supertalent (CL 4-4-3-8) RAM
Asus silent knight CPU cooler
Antec nine hundred
XFX 680i Lt Motherboard
and lastly a silverstone st50f 550w PSU.

A friend of mine has almost the same components so i know the PSU can handel it i was just wondering if it would be wise to Overclock the CPU to around 3.0Ghz. Ive read quite a few forums about OC'ing the q6600 to 3Ghz and beyond but none that talk about power requirements. So basically im asking if the PSU can handle it. Plus having probbaly 3 harddrives (2x 500gb and a 250gb), a DVD drive and the above mentioned components.

The second question is more of a statement. Im totally confuddled over this 12v split thing. Apparently the Psu can have 18A on each 12v rail (of which it has 2). And since the 8800gt requires around 24A ive been told to combine them. Now is this a simple case of using the provided connector (from 2x IDE HDD plugs to 1x 6pin PCIe connector) giving me about 32-36A, or will this blow up my card (something im trying hard to avoid). Or can i just use the 6pin PCIe connector from the PSU or will this not give me the amps required.

Thirdly im wondering if its possible to use the 5v rails to power the graphics cards or is this just impossibe as since its carrying a lot more amps it would surely be better (providing you can get it to 12V). Its a pretty stupid question but i am truly lost as to this whole rail thing and power requirements.

Lastly i will most likely be buying another 8800gt in a few months (Sli) and am pretty certain that the PSU is not able to handle another graphics card. or is it?... If not i will probbaly just buy a crappy 300w and use that to just power the graphics card.

So in summary im asking wether the PSU could handle a q6600 at 3.0ghz with an 8800gt.. what rails to use for the graphics and can i SLi with it... remember it the silverstone st50f. ( )
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  1. You might be pushing it with a 550 watter. Only one way to tell:)

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  2. The 8800gt only needs about 10A, the quoted figure is for the whole system.

  3. What do you mean combine rails? They switch automatically, you don't have to do anything. Rails are not the physical wires from the connectors, you can't set it. 36amps is a bit weak, especially if you plan to oc the quad core, but it should do. Just leave it alone and it'll run fine.
  4. You can just plug the 6pin PCIe connector from the PSU straight into your 8800GT. That's what the connector is there for :)

    You should have plenty of power to overclock to your heart's content, but if/when you get another 8800GT you may be pushing it. I doubt the PSU would blow up, but it would be wise to invest in something a little more powerful such as a CORSAIR TX-650.

    PSUs are most efficient at right around 50% load, and an overclocked Q6600 with a pair of 8800GTs will push your SilverStone out of its nominal range for efficiency.
  5. rail = transformer
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