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I have XP 32 Bits Pro and i noticed that ,for some time ,when i try to extract something ,even like 800 mb takes 10 minutes .What could be the problem ?Is the HDD fried ?
I have western digital (wdc) 232 GB HDD
2 gigs of ram
Amd athlon x64 3500+ 2.2 ghz
Yes ,the system is free of viruses ,scanned with avg .
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  1. If you have not already, try running Ccleaner to fix registry errors and the like:

    Additionally, what (if you dont mine my asking) type of files are you trying to extract, and what program are you using to extract them?
  2. Thanks for the program ! I tried with 7zip and winrar ,same thing .It seems like every file i extract is slow (avi , iso stuff like that - please don't kill me :) )
  3. Also ,i noticed ,my computer is slower than it should be .
    Can you tell me a free program to scan my computer again ,to be sure .
  4. I am going to take a stab at what your talking about, and just say that its not just extracting, but its also creating, combining, repairing, etc. It really depends on your system, and the settings that are active when you try to extract something from a folder.
  5. Did the CCCleaner thingy .In 7zip now says ~5 MB a sec . So what do you mean\suggest in your last post ?
  6. When you unzip/extract a document/file, the speeds will vary based on many different things. FIRST, is the complexity of the type of file. A simple text document that is 5MB, will usually extract a bit faster (in my experience) than say an AVI. If you have multiple programs running, it will slow down the process. If you are extracting a multiple portioned file that is eventually combined into 1 single seamless file, that may take some time. Extractions are just very temperamental, and the slightest changes really effect them
  7. So i just have to live with it ?
  8. I hate to say that the answer may be yes. Because its not my system, i do not know exactly what your dealing with, but from the sound of it. Theres not much else you can do, unless you do a repair of the XP system.
  9. zerohe said:
    So i just have to live with it ?
    If you extract a Zip,RAR,7zip etc.. type file back to the same drive it is reading from, it will slow down. If the files were compressed, it goes even slower. Extract to a different drive.
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