Microsoft Habu mouse does not work after system restart

I recently bought MS Habu mouse and have following problem with it: each time I restart my computer mouse stops working until I replug it into USB socket. Mouse has the latest firmware (2.03) and driver (2.12) installed. So far I tried all USB ports available and various USB related BIOS options - nothing helps. Other problem I noticed is that it does not remember Light-options which need to be restored manually after each replug.

My system specs:
Asrock 939Dual-VSTA mainboard
Athlon X2 4800+ CPU
Asus GF8800GT GPU
Corsair 2x1Gb DDR RAM
Thermaltake 500W PSU
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  1. Its because it is a Razer... Razer sucks! get a logitech
  2. Im having similar problems... except mine just randomly turns off. Im considering buying a whole new mouse... it does get really annoying
  3. A friend of mine had 2 of them...Guess what....He had to get rid of them both.
    Thats 4 and counting. :fou:
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