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I just bought an LG 19" LCD (L1918S) 5ms response time monitor and at first i was very impressed (Coming from a 17' CRT) until i played some games. at first i didnt really notice it but i could see that when i panned my mouse in a game it would be a little bit stuttery/ blurry kinda, but i thought that made sense seeing as anything moving quickly will be blurry.

the more i played the more annoyed i got, until now i can barely play a game without getting really annoyed. before i bought my monitor i knew about the ghosting issues and did some research and every where i looked people would say over and over again that there is no ghosting whatsoever on a 5ms monitor or not even on a 8ms (if so only the slightest)

So now i think there must be something wrong with me or my setup because i can quite easily see the ghosting on my monitor.

So now what i want to know is: My monitor is an Analog LCD (apparently thats bad for an LCD) and my graphics card only has DVI ports (8800gts) so im forced to use a DVI converter. now i was wondering, could using a DVI converter instead of plugging into a plain Analog port cause this ghosting i experience?

Btw im running at its max of 1280x1024 at 75hz. (manual said summing about a supposed 60hz 'optimal' setting, 60hz isnt going to be enough though)

Please give any advice of what could be causing this ghosting.
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  1. Well it most likely isnt DVI to VGA as I use this for all my screens/monitors. No ghosting for me.
  2. LG makes some pretty bad products. They are much better at making other peoples components :) Your converting the signal should not create that much of a difference. Sounds like you just have a very crappy LCD.
  3. Turn it back down to 60Hz. It isnt a crt its a lcd, it doesnt draw the screen the same way as crts do. 60Hz wont hurt it or your eyes. I looked it up, and it says it has a 5ms resonse time, which should be enough for gaming, except maybe FPS games or driving games. Heres a link to your screen If this continues, either RMA it or live with it
  4. 60Hz would cause flickering on a CRT, but a TFT is a steady state screen.

    60Hz will be fine.
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