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My main computer with cable internet modem is downstairs. I have a new pc upstairs with wireless capabilities... we have tried 3 different routers and hardly get any signal strength upstairs (maybe at 6 AM for about 30 minutes). We also tried adding a second modem upstairs, but the two keep resetting each other... think the cable guy would have known that one). I don't want to split the signal and run a cable upstairs around baseboards, over doors etc. Any suggestions?? I also acquired a netbook and want to be able to catch a wireless signal when I'm downstairs with it as well. What are my options??? Purchasing a wireless card(for the laptop)from my cell provider is out, they want $60 a month for that service, plus $50 for the card and cable!!! I also plan on moving the old pc upstairs (which would move the modem upstairs) and bringing the new pc downstairs. Do wireless signals "fall" down better than going up??

I'm a female so be patient with me, but evidently 3 men have been stumped as well when they came over to help me set this up, 4 different times with different routers. HELP!!!
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  1. The idea of wirelessly linking in a second router is a sound one so long as one (or is it both ?) support what is called WDS (Wireless Distribution System). Setting them up requires some knowledge, so I sould suggest an alternative.

    Have a look at so-called Homeplug adapters which run a network over your mains wiring. In theory you just plug one in next to the incoming internet device (modem or router) and link them with an ethernet cable. At the other end you can link to your laptop with a wireless-equipped version of the Homeplug.

    Makers include all the leading networking brands -- and there are some cheaper less well known ones which work just as well. Perhaps start by researching the Netgear models and work from there
  2. I know my wife and I use a wireless connection, just a netgear router hooked to our cable modem and have coverage all through the house, but the wireless gear is in the basement. If you have any wireless phones, like cordless phones, you may want to power those totally off and see if your connection improves. Also, check the channels that your router is on, could be another wireless device nearby that is interfering.
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