Why no reviews on all purpose cards?

All I see are reviews for pure gaming cards but none for all purpose gaming and media video cards. I purchased an Nvidia 8800GT and because of the lack of review to indicate that Nvidia dropped support for Overlay fullscreen video out I now have to return this card and lose $30 on the return for refund to purchase an ATI card. We need reviews that cover more than just gaming but all I found was gaming in the reviews.

Looks like I will have to go with a Radeon HD 3870 since it's the closest to my budget range but now I have to go search other sites to find a 3870 shoot out before I go making another mistake.
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  1. You cant blame this site for that.
    You shouldve checked the manufacturers websites if you wanted 100% concrete facts on a card.
  2. Not blaming the site.. Asking why no reviews for all purpose use. I know I am not the only one that uses their computer for more than just gaming. But in all reviews of the video cards I see no mention of hardware overlay support or not. It seems to be a much overlooked factor by reviewers. For a full complete review I would like to see mention of testing of just more than games.
  3. If You can't find Overlay fullscreen video You should not use video card
  4. ainarssems said:
    If You can't find Overlay fullscreen video You should not use video card

    A bit useless advice since this isn't even listed as a feature on the older Geforce 6 series video cards which we all know supported it. Since I just updated from a Geforce 6600GT. They don't even list overlay as a spec even on the ATI video cards.. so totally useless information.
  5. its an enthusiast site, most pc enthusiasts would be so over games. i dont know anyone that has ever even mentioned video overlay support as a buying point for a video card. Why do you need this anyways?
  6. Because I also use my machine as a full media system.. I have video out to my HDTV so without fullscreen video it's now totally useless.. The new LCD monitor of mine runs at 1680x1050 but the TV can NOT run at this resolution it's not it's native resolution for HDTV hence I am not able to use cloning either as an option.

    Before I would watch a DVD or some other movie while still working on the computer because my video was minimized to the taskbar. It has served me very well as well as being used for gaming purposes when I do game.. So the ATI video card now seems to be the only true multi-purpose video card.
  7. if for general use just live with the onboard graphics is enough for everyday use.no point getting a dedicated graphics card.
  8. Does playing games like WoW and thinking about picking up Tabula Rusa that I beta sound like general use to you? I game but I also watch DVD and Anime shows..

    I built my computer for all around use.. not just media and not just gaming but a custom system that can handle it all.. I have a Dolby Digital Live sound card with coaxial out direct into my 5.1 Stereo system :) And all this is in my bedroom.. full surround system, HDTV, 22" widescreen Samsung 2253BW 2ms gaming LCD, 1.2 Terrabytes of Storage, 2GB DDR2 800, Latest Lite-on all in one writer, Remote control setup for media.. The works ;)
  9. no comment.you stand on your own ground so why ask other people for anything?comment?advice?criticism?
  10. You seem to be displacing your anger about picking the wrong card. It is tough, there are so many varients of every card, so all the changes are hard to keep up with. You appear to have found what you are looking for, though, in ATI. My best answer to you is to contact the mfg of a card you are intending to buy and ask them whatever you need to know, before buying it. Tom's Hardware primarly is looking at gaming performance, and don't delve into every little detail about every card.
  11. No I am not displacing my anger but asking why not another category of review? A general all purpose video card review and not just gaming. It would be nice to know their is a reviewer that covers other aspects of computer reviews besides just game purpose.
  12. how many time and how many people you need to tell you that"Tom's Hardware is enthusiast for high performance gaming!!!"

    we are not specific in any sort or video editing or file compression task other than gaming and overclocking junkies!!!!as you have said in your post!its all review of GAMING GRAPHICS CARD!!!so thats pretty obvious what is site is about isnt it?common sense please!!!dont make yourself embarrassed!!!

    go and find some other forum in home entertainment!
  13. haha, you are infact projecting your unpleasant purchase. There is no point of denying the fact that you are pissed and partially blaming Tom's for your issue. You are basically saying if tom's added another section in video card reviews addressing your issue, then you wouldn't of had made the mistake in buying your card.
    Big woop, 30 buks. get over it and move on.
  14. Just for everyone's edification, Cleeve does do the mid-range reviews for video playback, they don't include every feature, but more than many. Few reviews mention the Digital Vibrance change for the GF8 series for example or the pixel scaling change recently for the ATi cards, but the thing is if you have specific needs, you need to do specific searches.
    The assumption that it used to work so it should still work just isn't a good policy, especially when spending $200-300. A little searching for this issue and your potential replacement will likely give you the answer you need, I founda bunch of references for both qith a quick google search.
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