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Howdy, i want to speed up my system and i found out, at least by looking at the Vista Rating Test, that my harddrives are to slow and i suspect them to be the cause for my hickups in my videogames.

Currently i have these drives
Western Digital WD1600AAJS, WD3200KS & WD5000AAKS

I defraged my drives and enables all policies for the drives regarding caching. Still, i am just guessing, that the drives are slow so i might have to replace my drives or at least one.
Do i have to replace all of them or just the main drive where partition C: resides? And which drive i should get. I read that the Raptor series from WD supposed to be good. But have no real clue at all about harddrives.

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  1. hard drives generally only cause games to be slow when loading areas/levels

    Its more likely you need more memory, or a better video card than a new hard drive.
  2. If your gaming then your performance will be impacted by your weakest link ie. your cpu. Whats your system specs?
  3. And what games are hickuping?
  4. Hi,
    at Call of Duty 4. ITs not permanent, just sometimes.
    I have a evga 8800 GT with 1 MB and 4GB ram with a E8500 cpu. So far everything is fine.
    The only reason why i was concerned was because of the rating test under vista which rated my harddrives with 3.7. :(
    So i concluded that this could be perhaps a concern. But maybe i am wrong. I am really not anymore a geek. lol
  5. The AAKS drives aren't really slow. Besides which, once the game is loaded into ram, the drive doesn't impact performance anymore. I'm not sure how CoD4 works, but I'd be willing to bet the entire level is loaded into ram, meaning the harddrive isn't touched again.

    The E8500 with 4GBs of ram and the 8800GT should be fine for game playing. What PSU do you have? Does this happen online and offline? I'd do more digging.
  6. Not sure what the datas on my psu are, but its a hyper 550W psu. Is SLI certified.
    My ram is G.SK F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ R (G.Skill), perhaps the ram matters too, not sure.

    Like i said, its not troublesome really. Just happens sometimes for a sec or so..
  7. Depending on what Hyper you have, that might be the problem or part of it. Their early models weren't good, the type -R models are. (similar to Ultra, the X2s are bad, the X3s are fine.) I'd be willing to bet the problem is a bios setting that needs to be changed, or something is configured wrong in windows. As I said, do some more digging and see what you can find out.
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