sli 8600gt and 7600gt?

hi all this is my first post!!
i would like to know if its worth connecting an xpertvision 8600gt and an points of view 7600gt? im on a tight budget at the moment and building new gaming/media pc, at moment have order a asus p5n-d mb, 600w psu, i-cute case, 2gb ram and will be ordering an e8200 cpu. the graphics card is the last thing im buying

cheerz ppl xx
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  1. If you're building a gaming PC why buy 2 different graphics card models?

    Buy one card.... a 8800GS or a 9600GT.

    What brand/model PSU will you be buying?
  2. its my old graphics card and a cheap one i have knicked off a mate lol
    its an ebuyer extra value seems ok lol id code is 135453
  3. I dont think you quite understand how SLi works pal.

    You need 2 of the same graphics card.

    And dont expect alot from that Power supply... its 600W & £23.99 for a reason.
  4. aye cheerz mate shud of read up on sli more ill keep looking

    any good power supplys u can recommend
  5. If you are building a gaming PC stick with a gaming card. The 8600's are not gaming cards, they are better for home theater and general graphics. VERY light gaming they would be ok in some games. As dev1se said, a 8800gs, or 9600gt would be a good entry card for gaming.

    Sli won't work with 2 diffent cards, they must be identical. Not sure what PSu you are looking at but don't buy cheap. If it goes you can take other stuff with it. I learn that once.
  6. cheerz for the help ppl x
  7. Here's a good way of doing it:

    Buy a Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU with 800mhz FSB £45+
    Any Intel / Gigabyte Motherboard with 1333mhz FSB £60+
    2GB Kingston HyperX DDR2 RAM 800mhz £40-5-
    450-550W PSU from reputable brand £40-50
    GeForce 9600GT 512mb Graphics Card £100

    The CPU will be able to overclock to 3GHZ with ease using the Gigabytes intelligent Voltage control in the BIOS... basically, Overclocking for chimps.
    If you want a PC you'll be happy with, then thats the bare minimum to go for at the minute... It'll handle anything you throw at it for quite some time.
  8. PC Power & Cooling

    Those are my favs at least. Others make pretty good ones.
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