How do I make a flash drive "bootable"?

My main computer is running Vista, and my second computer is a Netbook, which is running Linux. I want to install XP on the netbook, but there is no CD-Rom drive, so I would like to use the flash drive, instead. I am able to make a copy of the CD onto the flash drive, but it is not yet bootable. Normally, I would just use an XP unit, to create a bot disk (onto the flash drive), but I don't have an XP unit, at my disposal. I tried using Microsoft's Windows Boot Disks Creator (that's not the actual name), but it complained that I don't have a floppy drive. So, I installed a Floppy Emulator, which fooled the software into thinking that I had a floppy drive. The only problem was, that it would overwrite the folder, for each "floppy disk" that it created. I got around this, by creating copying the files (manually), each time it created a "Floppy Disk", and pasting them onto my Flash Drive. This did not work, but I think the reason is because the Boot Disk creation software actually makes the first "Floppy Disk", bootable. When I manually copied the first "Disk" to the flash drive, the flash drive remained un-bootable. My next thought was, that I could use download some software that makes the Flash Drive look like a Floppy Drive. That way, I can actually install the Boot Disks, directly onto the Flash Drive. But, I have been unable to find such software. Plus, I can't help but think, that there must be an easier method. "Why invent the wheel?", I'm thinking. So, if anyone is clever enough, to figure this one out, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. :-)
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  1. Download this, it will make your flash drive bootable.

    I've never installed Windows off a flash drive. You may need to make an autoexec.bat file to start "Winnt.exe" (in the i386 folder) to start setup... check it out, maybe not?

    If so, you should hunt down himem.sys and make a config.sys file to start himem.sys
    and get smartdrive and add it as step 2 of an autoexec.bat file. Otherwise Setup will gripe that they are not there and go super-slow at copying files into hard drive.
  2. This should be the best way to do it!
    Step-by-Step video

    Check it out
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