Recover acer aspire one notebook vista basic

my settingsd for windows display are not all there like the colore and box options menu half of it is gone
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  1. What happened before this started? Did you change the resolution of the screen?

    You can try to go to an earlier Windows Restore Point, although that seems to not work a lot.
  2. ok a lil history on my laptop got it 4 yrs ago it was a basic low grade computer i put more memory in it upgraded the security softwear to kasperky pro it had ie7 now ie9 to chrome its crashed 2 yrs ago rebuild it with new hard drive a few grades better then the last one i have been having alot of problems since apperance speed like soft wear just dissapears i hadn adobe in here and all of the updates to it then i got on here the other day and none of the adobe was working didnt show up in my programs i had to reinstall all of them now same thing with the display like the windows bars and boxs use to be in black now is blue but i tried to fix it and all of my options show in the control panelk but i click to go intoi them and there is no or minimal options as to before i had a zillion options what can i do?
    also i have backed up the system its not helping
  3. Sounds like a virus, did you run a virus and spyware check? What you put in now is a lot more issues than your first post.
  4. hang-the-9 said:
    Sounds like a virus, did you run a virus and spyware check? What you put in now is a lot more issues than your first post.

    It is having more issues i am unable to find a problem i had a virus and malwaear scan or spywear how evr is it termed and nothing not even a broken file nothing at all now its even slower and still i am unable to change visual settings and now when i open chrome it has always saved my google page as my default page and now it goes to the sign in page.

    it seems to me like all my settings are being weird like all of them the apperance and display then the ie setting i have no clue what i do to fix this i havent even been on it bc its running so slow now i stary it and literaly it takes like 2 and a half mins to start up then sign in and anpother 2 mins before 1 min tops sign in 0 second top whats wrong with my laptop? is there any known poroblems to cause this? or can i like reset it?

    oh and i did the system back up and it didnt work then i tried sytem restore i went back to the latest point i could and it wouldnt work like windows pop up said this program can not be ran at this time so i tried later and a day later still wont work and now there are no restore points at all in the log.
  5. The way you are writing, it's very hard to understand what's going on. I suggest you get someone local to check on the PC unless you can just re-install Windows on it yourself. 2.5 mins for a 4 yr old PC to start is not horribly slow. Everything else I can't make out from what you wrote there are no real sentences that you used.
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