E8400 ASUS P5Q SE mobo overclock question

Current system:

Intel E8400 3.0Ghz 6MB cache 45nm
Asus P5Q SE
Intel P45/CH10
Thermaltake Ruby Orb II Cooler
2x Corsair 2GB PC-8500C5D Dominator Memory Sticks in the "black" banks not yellow.
GeForce9800 GT 512MB DDR3 Graphics Card

I have not updated the BIOS yet, don't want to risk bricking the mobo, but is it necessary to update it? P5Q SE does not have the same BIOS update download as those available for P5Q Pro. Does it make a big difference?

Does anybody have experience overclocking this setup? I had to install the memory sticks in black banks not yellow ones due to large heatsink on Orb II cooler.

What is like the maximum clock speed I can shoot for with this setup??

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  1. I have the same pretty much the same setup as you lol. just different cooler and memory. wondering the same thing.
  2. I would get the specific BIOS update for your board to avoid issues, if you use a bootable ISO file on a disk to update the BIOS you shouldn't have a problem. I've done it twice on my XFX 780i without a bad flash. With the P45 chip 4ghz shouldn't be a problem even on air. With the CM Hyper TX2 cooler I can hit 4.025 w/o temps over 60C on full load. Best of luck.
  3. i've actually been searching for the bios for the board and there currently arent any available for update. i've been tinkering with my system for a bit now and could only get it stable at 3.6GHz. i cant seem to go up any higher. i've almost hit 4.0 but i'd get the windows xp loading screen then it would go blue. not sure whats going on.

    Core 2 Duo E8400 (C0) -- currently 3.6Ghz
    Patriot Extreme Performance Viper Series DDR2 4GB (2 x 2GB) PC2-8000 1000Mhz
    Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler
    GeForce 9800GTX OC 512Mb

    Currently running at 400 fsb. 9x multiplier. pci 100. vcore 1.2v. i set the memory to run at a 1:1 ratio so DRAM frequency is at 800mhz. timings at 4-4-4-12 and 2.1v. everything else auto

    idle temps are 33 39 from realtemp and load temps are 54 54 running prime95 for about 3 hrs.

    i have C1E enabled in bios so its actually running at 2.4ghz at a 6x multiplier when i'm not using the computer hard. but when it requires it it will bump up to 9x running at the full 3.6ghz.

    my OS is windows XP pro sp3

    comments and suggestions are appreciated
  4. Hi dudes.

    I have close to the same setup as the original poster of this thread.

    ASUS P5Q-E (I don't know what the difference is)

    Core 2 Duo E8400 -- currently 4.0Ghz; (4.17Ghz crashed windows.)

    Vista Home Premium x64 <--- I wasn't sure, but awesome so far. COD5 - Fallout3 - Stalker SoC

    I use the Ultra X-Wind Copper Fan from tiger :love:

    I had to twist off 5 fins from the mobo heatsink to make room for the CPU fan latch, and everything else fits perfectly. idle temp 24 degrees, and loaded 29 using 3Dmark vantage benchmark keeping fans quiet.
    (it's 18 degrees outside my case)

    3 corsair dominator 2GB 1066Mhz (one was DOA) 5-5-5-18 timings at 1100Mhz using Dominator fan.
    can's seem to overclock the memory :-(

    I don't know what's safe to go up to for voltage so I just leave everything on auto. tried higher timing too.

    I have 2 questions.

    1 can i increase the multiplier higher than 9?
    2 how can I OC my RAM better? tried 2 dimms in yellow sockets only, tried black.
  5. I have the Asus P5Q-Pro board and a Q9650 which is basically 2 E8400's on one chip and had it to 4GHz no problem at 1.31v. So I don't see why you can't get at least 4-4.2GHz.
  6. yeah, don't be afraid to overclock the piss out of it. just keep it in bios until you make sure the idling temp is ok with the fan on lowest speed. my idle temp is about 8 degrees higher than room temp at 4ghz with fan on silent. (copper heatsink)
  7. this is nice..i think i'll start OC'ing my system.
    Im using E8400 and Asus P5Q-Pro, 4G@PC800 kingston mem sticks, 8800GT OC. System is still running in stock fan.. i'll see how high it will go before changing my cooling system
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