Netgear WNR-3500 and wireless problems

1) Had a Netgear wireless g router and the wired portion worked fine, and my built in Intel Pro Wireless g connected fine. Never had a problem.

2) Bought Netgear WNR3500 N router with wired gigabit and N wireless. Wired works fine. Also bought WN511B wireless card for laptop.

3) After endless e-mails with Netgear tech support, I got bumped to 2nd level.

a) Rma’d the adaptor back to netgear but 2nd one no different.
b) Spoke with tech rep and he logged into my router and set up something called WPS.

After all of this, both the N wireless card and built in G router worked.

Then I had to reload my laptop with Windows XP for a planned refresh. Reset up wired network which is fine.

Now I have same problems:
Built in G sometimes connects with WEP for a few minutes, then loses connection
G will not connect with anything higher than WEP although card supports WPA and WPA2

N wireless card works with WEP only.

Maddening to say the least. Spent big bucks to get Gigabit and N and enhanced security and now wireless is all but useless.

Any ideas?

Thanks all,
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  1. first off.. wep will pretend to connect even if you use the wrong pass.. but you will get limited or no connection message.. if i remember correctly.. while wpa will make it obvious you have the wrong pass.. double check your passes caps lock number lock so forth.. WPS if i understand correctly is just supposed to simplify setting up security, I've never used it.. i just set everything manually. I'm not familiar with that router in particular or the use of wps, but i'm assuming that whatever the rep had to do to configure WPS needs to be done again to set up the connection the way you are.. or you can log into the router interface.. select WPA(hard to hack) usually under wireless or security section, choose a random string of alphanumeric(hard to crack) and place it as the key. then on the laptop: use windows to configure wireless.. search for your network and click connect, it should prompt for key.. put in the same key and you should be set..

    other possible issues..
    mac address filtering... it's pointless so disable that in router..
    TCP/IP needs to be enabled on your wireless adapter.. believe you find that under properties
    and make sure you have it configured to allow the router to assign the IP and DNS automaticly.. not static on the laptop.
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