Remove Mobo drivers w/ Windows?

My mobo is Dead! so I had to go get a new one. so here is the issue: the HDD I have wont boot, BSOD, I crossed my fingers hoping this wouldn't happen, my luck it did. so now i'm curious, I cant even get into it in safe mode, and not sure any other way to get in to get the old mobo drivers off. Can I slave it and sift through the files? if so what ones would I need to remove? or is the drivers for the board buried

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  1. you need to use an sata or ide port that has native( onboard supported) drivers ie. a port that wyou dont need to install drivers for so it boots, you can also boot from a live cd such as bart pe or xp live edition etc...
  2. Boot from the original Windows install disk and run a repair, it'll then re-detect all the hardware (you will probably have to re-activate).
  3. kk kool thanks guys
  4. Your best bet is to slave it and save important stuff, then reformat. as long as old drivers and registrys are in there you will continue to have issues.
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