Maxtor 3 drive won't appear.

To get my Maxtor 3 external drive to appear I had to juggle the usd connection. It would then appear and work fine. Now it only appears briefly when I have just about removed the usd connection then goes and I can't se it or use it.

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  1. Does it have its own power supply or does it draw power directly from the USB connection? If so you may need a cable with two USB ports; one for power one for data. If it has its own power, check if you're connecting it to an USB port with no other devices on it. Each USB 'channel' offers 2 ports, but they will all share the channel and if one is only USB 1.1 it will not work with a USB 2.0 device, etc.

    What have you tried, and could you be more specific? You're saying that you see it appear briefly, but you disconnect the USB connection and don't see the drive anymore; which is logical because without a connection the drive cannot communicate. Could you be more specific in what you have tried?
  2. Thanks for replying. It draws power from the USB connection. The light if flickering on it so it seems to be connected. It had been working fine for a long time and had a lot of data. Recently I had to move the USB connection out a bit to make it appear under my computer but eventually it would work fine after that. But now it doesn't show at all unless I nearly pull the usb cable out. It then appears briefly and goes and can't be used. I have tried the cable from another external maxtor drive and it doesn't work with that either.
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