Really need help with my new rig, please!

I've gotten the new system today, I tried installing the windows, went into bios, changed to boot from CD rom. What I then got was this 'Disk Boot Failure, insert system disk and press enter' - something in this form. Now I've checked if the cables in the Dvd-rom are inserted properly.. but dunno much about that, I've booted it correctly.. I really don't know what to do next :S Please help
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  1. Thats to do with your boot hard drive.
    Check your hard drive connections, both power and data. :)
    Probably just a loose connection!
  2. It might be that the BIOS allow you to select CDRom as bootdevice although it's not precent in the computer for some reason. Reseat power and sata/IDE cable to the optical drive, verify that it is precent in BIOS, BIOS will most likely show the optical drive as there even if it have some internal issues so if you can try with a different optical drive you know works.

    The for a basic thing here... the Windows OS CD will ask you to press a key on the keyboard to boot from the CD (even when you selected it as boot device), you need to click a key on the keyboard (enter key will do nicely) within a sec or two or it will skip booting from CD and try boot from the harddrive which should precent you with said error code that you get. Some monitors take longer to come on and therefor you might have a black screen while the above message about clicking a button is precent, if that is the case try reset the computer and if needed press a key every now and then while the screen is black. :)
  3. Yeah I think it stops while it says to press the button.

    Lukebird, yeah I'm not that good with that, someone will come tomorrow I hope to fix it. I'll try doing something alone today.
  4. Well that's basically it, I mean I still have to try all that, but you cannot do much else.
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