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Recently got an 8800GT. I have not been impressed with its performance over my old 7300GT using the same cfg and settings in games even losing some fps in 1 game.
Not satisfied I started fiddling with vsync, AA and texture in nvidia control panel. I got some results I was pleased with so I started playing. Upon entering a new server it seems as though those settings were no longer applied as I had the same problem I started with.

After google basically all day Im going to start by using driver cleaner or similar and start fresh but if anyone can throw me some more ideas as it seems to be a common problem I can not find an answer to
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  1. It's probably because of the drivers, so you're on the right track with Driver Cleaner.
    Did you plug in the 6pin PCI-e from the PSU in the card?if not,than there is your problem.
    If nothing helps,then return the card.
  2. If you were only using a 7300GT, then you may have also been using a poor PSU. What PSU are you using? Brand is required, not just wattage.
  3. The 6 pin power is a bit of a pain in the ass. The cable that came with the card splits off into 2 x 4 pin connectors so I connected them.

    The psu isn't the best but seems to do the job Ezcool 500W
  4. Considering the price of that thing, it may not be that great. I can't find any details on it, in fact I can't even find the manufacturer's website.
  5. Maybe the issue. I did have a 350w psu and I upgraded to this one when I got the 7300gt.
    I ran driver cleaner and started fresh. After it was back up and running I ran aquamark3d and noticed in one of the high demanding areas the cpu fan slowed down :s also the original issue is still there
  6. Try using Rivatuner to override the fan control. Your PSU whilst not the best on the market should be able to cope for a while, I ran a pair of 7900GT's on an EZCool PSU and it took a good eight months before it succumbed to power drain overload.
  7. The CPU fan is a watercooler I set with manual control so it shouldnt slow unless it has power drain yeah?
  8. hidden9 said:
    The CPU fan is a watercooler I set with manual control so it shouldnt slow unless it has power drain yeah?

    I guess so. Try another PSU if you have one.
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