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I just built a brand new desktop and am having trouble getting past the BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error while installing windows xp. My understanding is this frequently has to do with the cpu or something overheating but i tried re booting and going to bios as soon as the error occurred and my cpu was at 43c so i do not believe that to be the problem, any suggestions?

AMD x6 1055t
5770 Radeon
640GB WD
4GB 1600 ripjaw
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    What version of XP do you have? If it's pre-SP2, you'll need to slipstream SP2 or SP3 into your install disc.
  2. Sounds like fun... I believe it is pre-SP2. Could you explain or do you have a link or something where i can read up about this slipstreaming..?
  3. You can use software like nlite to add SP2 or SP3.

    There are some helpful guides to complete the process.
  4. Alright, I used the nliteos program to create a new cd with sp2 on it, but now, the computer wont let me start over. It just keeps going to a screen and it says please insert the windows xp sp1 disc into the drive. Any suggestions on that one?
  5. Make sure you're booting off the CD and not the hard drive.
  6. I am, if i boot from cd it goes directly to the installation and i run into that error again. I just need to wipe the harddrive so it will give me the options again. Is it possible to do that from the BIOS menu?
  7. Do you get to the point where you can select the partition?
  8. No, i am passed the partition selection and can't get back to it. If i turn my computer on and leave it, it goes into finishing the installation of windows xp. 3 out of 5 bullets of the preparation and installation are already done. But it always goes to the same error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    I have my windows 7 disk now but i can't get the computer out of this loop! I just need some way to re format the hard drive so that it wont keep doing this. I think the cd is recognizing that there is already some of the installation on the hard drive and wont let me select any options.
  9. Ok, your at the point where it's booting off the hard drive. It's past the part where it's loading off the disc.

    Boot into the BIOS, and make the CD/DVD drive the first boot device, and disable the other boot devices. This will force the PC to boot off the CD, and not the hard drive. You can start the format/install process over from the beginning.
  10. I don't know if i am missing a setting or what but it still manages to make its way back to windows xp boot. I have First boot device set to CDROM, Second Disabled, Third Disabled and thats all i see. Are there any other settings i have to change?

    And thanks so much for all your help in this man, i really want to get my computer up and running and i no longer have a clue as to how to fix this...
  11. That's interesting. That should've done the trick.

    My next suggestion, would be to slave it into another PC. All you need is another PC with a SATA port on the motherboard. Most any newer PC should have it. Just connect your hard drive into the port, and you can format it through disk management.
    start-->right click on my computer-->manage-->disk management-->find your drive-->right click and format it.

    You're welcome :)
    Let me know how it goes.
  12. I would try that but i don't have any other desktops at my disposal, only laptops.... This is the most obnoxious problem ever lol.
  13. Lets make 100% sure that it's not booting off the hard drive. Try unplugging the hard drive, and then start it up, with the CD drive as the first boot device.
  14. I believe it is booting off the hard drive but i cant stop it. I did unplug the hard drive and then it goes into a different screen... it says welcome to setup... to set up windows xp now press enter, to repair a windows xp installation using recovery console press r, to quit setup....

    But i have primary boot set as cd and 2nd and 3rd are disabled so i dont know how else to stop it from going to hard drive. I've looked around in the bios and haven't found anything else that indicates boot sequence.
  15. That's exactly what you want to see!!

    Once you get to that screen, connect your hard drive. Then press enter to setup a new windows install.

    There is sometimes an option to 'boot from other devices' in addition to the boot order. It may have been skipping your CD drive and your other boot devices, then finding the hard drive. That's why I wanted you to unplug the hard drive.
  16. I went to that screen, reconnected my hard drive and pressed enter to setup the new windows install and it didnt detect my hard drive!
  17. Is there an option to retry or rescan?
  18. Nope. It just says hit f3 to restart computer. thats the only option. I'm going back to that menu though to try 1 more time. Maybe give it a good 10 seconds from when i plug it back in to hitting enter.
  19. Yep. Try booting off the CD again. If it bypasses it again, and boots off the hard drive, restart and get into the BIOS. Look for an option in the area of your boot devices to boot from other devices, or something along those lines. You'll want to disable it.
  20. Bypassed again. I only see those 3 options for booting in the bios and i have it set to boot from cd/dvd then disabled the other 2. I dont know how its getting to the HD.
  21. I think i got something. I unplugged it, reset the cmos plugged it back in, created a fresh windows 7 image and burned it again and it went into the windows 7 setup! This might actually work!!! I hope i dont have anymore problems... Thanks so much for all your help, you were incredibly useful!
  22. That's great!

    Let me know how it goes.
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  24. Got lost gaming :) thanks for all your help again.
  25. Thanks for the update and the vote. :)
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