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when you share something on the lan and someone copy's it u must have noticed how your pc dies, well in device manager you can configure your lan card to work at 10Mbit half mode atleast i can with a Realtek RTL8139, anyway when you do that your pc does not die on you if soeone copys somn, (they get slow download rates but what the hell) anyway the problem is that when i want to download something it takes a long time for me too

the question is: can i download at 100Mbit and other people download from me at 10Mbit, ie info coming into pc comes at 100 Mbit and info going out goes at 10Mbit?
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  2. When you use a LAN youre by default connected at 100Mbits
    when someone on the LAN starts downloading say a movie from your PC your hard disk goes crazy and everything on your computer becomes slow.
    I found a solution to this by reducing the LAN link speed to 10Mbits as a result now when people copy files off my PC it does not slow down (slowing doen is because of HDD not CPU)

    The problem is that when i am connected to the LAN at 10Mbit (one megabyte per second) it takes a long time for me to copy from someone elses pc

    What i want is that people are allowed to copy files off of my pc at 10 Mbit and i am able to copy off of other people at 100 Mbit (10 megabytes per second)

    now do you understand
  3. oh now i see, dont think there is an easy way to do that. are you talking about through some file sharing app or them just mapping to your computer? cs game server -
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  4. It may help to get a higher-quality NIC, something that doesn't just offload all network processing onto your main least in my experience this has made a huge difference. (NIC handles all network processing instead of making CPU deal with it all) Your hard drive should be able to transfer data faster than your network is capable of copying it, so your system should not slow down once you have a sufficient NIC installed.

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